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Session Sartar Arc 08

1628, Earth Season, Movement Week, ___ Day

Dramatis Personae


Berra, a Humakti
Finarvi, an Issarian
Maalira, a White Lady
Serala, a Yelmalian
Varanis, a Vingan
Lenta, an Ernaldan from Esrolia


Grandfather Giland
Faljin – Lunar hostage/protector of Maalira
Skirryik – Lunar hostage/protector of Maalira
Random Grazeland Warriors

Events1Guest loggers!

Having got to Six Stones Village, the group are planning on going to get information from Boldholme or Jonstown.

In the meantime, Serala has gone off to collect the horses. Grandfather Centaur is there with the horses – the bison are following behind, brought by some of the Grazelanders. Serala gathers them all up and heads towards Boldholme, where she finds no-one. She therefore continues on towards Jonstown.

Maalira in the meantime, is walking towards Jonstown – she has no bison to ride, you understand. And as she was going to St Ives, she met a man with.. Well, an entire army, actually. It seems to be the returning of the soldiers. And the leaders. Kallyr, Tennebris, Eril, etc. Famous people, then less famous people, then just people. And then Serala, with her bison.

And thus the two arrive in Jonstown and need to find the others. Berra is asleep, and Serala wakes her up with some beer, to be told that Varanis is sleeping in a room upstairs, and Lenta and Finarvi are out.

Some time later, Finarvi says that they have news on the armour, and it is near Boldhome, where it has been buried in a cave, with the cave in turn being buried/the entrance hidden. If we can’t find it then the ghost of Berra the Younger (a Telmori) may be able to help.

The group all introduce themselves to each other, where they haven’t previously met, take a night to get some rest and head out of the city towards the Boldholme Cliff. Most people seem to be avoiding Berra – her reputation is clearly preceding her.

Enroute, Berra explains to Maalira that she has been tasked with Heroquesting to find Eril’s Wyter. This is all going to be very complicated, and leads back to when he was hiding various artifacts. There are various other chats around why the horses are in such excellent health (Grandfather Centaur), whether the whole of Sartar is actually banned from the Grazelands (Grandfather Giland is very cross about being left to judge every ghost on the battlefield) and whether Leika’s nose could be out of joint if Varanis reassembles the complete armour set.

Arriving at Boldholme, everyone is clearly wondering where Berra is. Berra, wisely, went on a ‘personal errand’ so is not with us and we can honestly say she is not with us.


Serala and Finarvi head off to see Naril, the Master of Horse. They discuss the state of the horse breeding and training plans of Boldholme. The plan is that they breed and train for war-now, rather than breed and train for the future. Most of the horses still here are chariot horses, the riding horses are apparently all down south somewhere. All the indications are that everyone is planning for war, and that the next few years are shaping up to be fairly horrible.

Varanis and Lenta had off to see Kalis who is slightly disappointed to see Lenta in tow. Varanis lets Kalis know that she is seeking something that might be behind a cave in and as such she might need some help retrieving it. A certain amount of negotiation ensues, regarding how an Ernaldan might reach a cave halfway up a cliff. Hauling on a rope is far too undignified, apparently.

Maalira goes to visit a market and then back to the house where she is informed that there is a feast at the palace the next night, to which we are all invited.

With a day to spend, we decide to go to the market early the next day for clothes, not to mention the spindle and wool that is the official payment for Lenta’s help. Everyone gets appropriate clothes, Serala needing rather a lot of help from Varanis after she nearly ended up looking like an Ernaldan, showing rather more skin than anyone would have been comfortable with.

On arriving, most of the group tries to look casual at the base of the cliff while Varanis flies up to check out the lay of the land. There is the sound of scree and Varanis shouting at Berra. Berra? She’s not here. Oh wait, the ghost of Berra the Younger was mentioned… Varanis shouts that she is being attacked, but she manages to beat off whatever it is before attaching a rope so everyone can climb up while Lenta gets the VIP treatment and is flown up.

And… they find the armour! It’s in an extremely poor state of repair, and will need a lot of work, but they have it. Including a massive garnet inset into it. Pretty!

Off we go to the party, where Kallyr waxes eloquent about how Finarvi saved Varanis, good job we dressed up for the night. Tenebris then parks himself near Finarvi and asks if he needs any help with reforging the armour. Finarvi is very polite and accepts Tennebris’ introduction to the best smiths on the Street of Redsmiths. He also asks after Berra.

And then we all go off to the baths the next day; only to find ourselves dropped into the Heroquest of Eril with no warning. Serala and Varanis are both Lunars who try to chase down the fleeing Berril2Ed: see what I did there? Varanis comes all too close to catching him, until he slices her arm open, resulting in a bit of fixing of wounds and a return to the bathhouse to discuss WTF.

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    Guest loggers!
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    Ed: see what I did there?