Yes, yes

Session 4

Year 1628, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Freeze Day

Dramatis Personae




Cherry blossom dancing on the waters, in Croc armour
assorted newtlings
old grumpy sages
somewhat grumpy Waha-khans

excited Eirithan


 Previously – we rode to Pavis, avoiding Paps, avoiding ~~adventure ~~deathtrap in Sun County.

Meeting with Cherry in new temple of Zola Fel.

Down by the riverside -on marble steps going down to water.

plant lore – failed. Brazier have the good stuff smoking apparently.

Those who pass scan – this feel homely and nice and right.

Xenofos, pretty architecture

Rajar – those braziers…

Cherry emerges – kind of – bedecked in Suuraki’s croc armour

Suuraki fails sing, Valseena takes over the singing

impala is drowned? – and there we are in godtime by the river

The Bull, Eiritha, Waha and Lhankor Mhy who watches

Eiritha or Impala because she is both sees a croc and backs away from the river

Impala jumps away and avoids the leaping goddess of salt and teeth

Bull does not sense chaos

Bull gets a hold of the croc  – in the water

Bull is dragged into water but keeps his tenacious hold

Waha throws his rope/lasso into the melee and gets salt and teeth into his rope,

but does not get her entangled.

Bull gets proper hold of the croc and starts walking ashore with the croc on his shoulder

Salt and teeth vanishes.

On the second attempt croc gets the impala

We are hungry and cold.

Waha knows we need to divide people into those who get eaten and those who eat

Waha haggles with Salt and Teeth

As we return to the temple – Cherry:Great success yes, yes?

She was also pretty battered and bruised  – and had a stab wound on her chest corresponding to stuff that happened on the quest.

Xenofos to library, Valseena to temple ofEiritha and Suuraki to temple of Waha to report and study

At library it becomes probable that the eggs may lay hidden in the Puzzle canal. Xenofos manages to succeed in finding this out through Starlore and talking with the sages. Ide of exploring the puzzle canal brings instant renown to the foolhardy sage.

Rajars attempt at intimidating initiate at Stormbull temple backfires.

Valseena meets at the temple of Eiritha a gazelle woman named Xanthia the mistress of initiates.Valseena told the mistress of initiates of the heroquest she took part in. Mistress rushed outside to tell this to someone…

Suuraki tells his story of the new covenant to master of novices. The Khans are not totally convinced yet.

Rajar gets a memorative tattoo, with purple ink. 

We wait for worship ceremonies and time flows to movement week freezeday

Everyone – one use of breath water spell and a tattoo with combination of water and death runes

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