Session 5

Year 1628 , Earth Season, Movement Week, Freeze Day

Dramatis Personae




Number of ardent newtling with paddles
An angry aldryami
A prudent Pavis resident

A nasty waterlizard – not of Salt and Teeth’s kin


Movement week freezeday onwards

Our heroes are heading for the puzzle channel, on one reed boat , five newtlings, four heroes

“boat made of reed, yes, yes. Covered with black blood of Ernalda.” a newtling calling out for care in use of fire

Water is deeper than daggeraxe – Suuraki starting his career as waterman.

Water swirling around the paddle – paddy, a newtling.

Torch is given to Valseena

Who lights it. R

We take the right hand path.

cavern 20 meters across, five exits, no current

we take first on the right

Wall under water – boat is drawn over it by Rajar and Suuraki

Sky becomes visible – between tall walls

Suuraki climbes on Rajar to test the top edge of the wall with his daggeraxe

Architecture seems modern Lunar. (Fumbled arcitecture by Xenofos)

Suuraki climbs the wall.

Whole area is covered with lush vegetation of vines and shrubbery

The rest of the heroes follow Suuraki up . two areas kind of close. One 40 meters away one about 200 meters.

Suuraki and Rajar hack their way through the vegetation.

Valseena spots a pair of green eyes among foliage.

And arrow is shot at us.

“Stop Tree-killers!”

And someone else or someone from a different place stands up

The plant like creature demands toll and adds “I will save you life for 5 silver more. Don’t go to the nearest island. Bison smaller with creepers on the nearest island.”

Whole area several hundreds of meters across. Maybe couple of kilometers.

A waterspout is seen in first cavern we pass. Does not seem to be alive. Hurls the pebble Suuraki throws at it with dizzying speed.

Six exits from the area. Waterspout can be avoided.

Next cave there is an island with rapid movement.

With a tree.

We go back to place where we left the newltings in their boat and yell instructions on how to get to the cavern we have observed from above. Newtlings have trouble deciding whether enter the waterspout cavern.

Xenofos talks of the newtlings devotion to Salt and Teeth and inspires them to pass the cavern with gusto and speed.1Xenofos rolls an 01 on orate

On an island half a dozen goats and a pillar 30 mrters tall, 4 diameter at base and a bronze ring on top.

Inscription to remember lord of Robcradle.

No sign of the eggs. We camp on the island. Xenofos casts detect magic on the pillar. The flash is probably visible at least in new Pavis, probably further.

ersatzmaus: Everyone looks into azathoth with remaining brain.

Only Valseena manages it.

The detect magic on the pillar was phenomenal…

During the night A lizardy thing emerges from the waters. Guard wakes us up but it still bites Xenofos at left leg and does 16 points damage with an impale.

Rajar hits it heavily. But the mean bastard dodges… Suuraki kills it with 19 points to head.

Valseena heals Xenofos.

Suuraki makes an offering of it to Salt and Teeth.

Next morning, climb up, scout. Proceed exploring using the roof of the complex.

There is a metallic grill in one of the straight canals. We go and look. Couple of hundred meters takes as about an hour.

We see see and talk with a feller who has a raft and hut and is – apparently – staying away from the trolls

(A Pavis native apparently…) He gives us some advice on navigating through the tunnels.

We return to the boat follow instructions the Pavisian gave us…

There is a wide vision of Vulture wastes seen from Pavis. Which is magic. And solid

Rajar has vision of glorious death.

Xenofos has vision of himself impaled with arrows or javelins, still ready to face an enemy who is threatening Varanis.

Suuraki prods the White llama on the picture. (Int 5 tells it might tap the White B, that does not hinder Suuraki.)

Session ends at movement week waterday.

Session Quotes

  • 1
    Xenofos rolls an 01 on orate