Pavisd with good intentions

Session 3

Year 1628, Earth Season, Early fertility Week

Dramatis Personae




White Bull thugs

Cherry blossom dancing on the waters, a newtling shaman
The eddy behind the rock in the stream, a newtling who appears saner than Cherry
Assorted other newtlings
Couple of sages upset by Xenofos’ rudeness


Travelling upriver from Sun County more specifically the Goldbreath Village. 

Date Early fertility Week, Earth Season 

Survival rolls for metal armor. Couple of days ride to pavis.

White Bulls want to talk of metal armour in Pavis, but are charmed by Rajar who is wearing the stuff.

Three newtlings inside the gate looking at us and approach.

Suuraki is hailed as returning according to prophesy.

What prophesy -Suuraki

You bring the quest – head newtling

What quest – Valseena

We have a proposal – newtlings –

Here ? suuraki

No, temple – newtling

 Party!! – Rajar

(Newtling’s name cherry blossom dancing on the waters. Later just Cherry)

We are been taken towards the riverside

Temple is repurposed Teelo Norri building.

Water is offered, meat and salt returned  (newtlings do not accept salt)

We are lead inwards – Cherry is treated with deference – like a shaman

Actually as a lunatic – Valseena

Xenofos: there is a difference?

craft with ashes turned into ashes with crocodiles – Cherry 

 river weed turned growing weird – Cherry 

Suuraki loans his crocarmour to the newtling shaman

Rajar starts a baseline, Xenofos specials kithara, Valseena Specials sing, Suuraki specials water and passes sing to tell Cherry of Salt and Teeth

And tells heck of a lot of Salt and Teeth to Cherry – lover of Yelm, killed by Yelmalio, cast aside by Bull, taught to hide by other, and learned from by strange red goddess in the underworld

Cherry asks for support on quest – wants to be Salt and teeth themself, Valseena is asked for votive offering,

customs Prax after – Rajar talks of chicken

Another alternative -impala  is purchased from the cattle market.

Here we are watched by a group of newtlings.

Who want to know if Suuraki is Llama suuraki, yes-yes?

What is Praxian solution to when shamans disagree – Suuraki

The eddy-behind the rock in the stream – suggests getting more info

What did you promise? Rajar

 Xenofos fails to charm the locals to do his research for him, despite augments , but passes unaugmented library use. This used to be stomping grounds of S&T pre Waha so she could fit the covenant and does not fit it. Xenofos failed to find stuff he looked about Uleria. When told it is the end of the day by a friendly local sage he fumbles harmony and flips a bird at the person. 

Time and date is told to be 

Godsday of Fertility week Earth Season. 

Suuraki and Rajar visit the temple of Waha for weekly holy day. Suuraki has two visions – one with newtling riding a croc the other with Suuraki riding one. 

Xenofos visited temple of Uleria  without mishap.

Even despite asking direction from a local dive.

On way back from the temple of Waha Suuraki and Rajar got an offer Rajar would not refuse. The encounter is fertile. 

At the inn Suuraki tells of his vision. Xenofos tells of what he found. Suuraki tells he will honor his promise to Cherry, but Eddy will get all the songs of Salt and Teeth too before embarking on the heroquest.

So the scene ends in the night after Godsday.

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