Where Is My Loot And Other Questions

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In Ironspike village after Xenofos had been released [[[s02:session-48|Session 48]]]


When they are given time to tidy up, Berra uses some of it to wander around the fort. Some is allotted to working out with Varaneva where a guard would be most useful, some to bothering the denizens of the place.

Varanis checks that Xenofos is uninjured.

Varaneva does not attack anyone. It is possible she is paying attention to what Berra is saying. At least she sometimes nods in roughly the correct places while looking over Berra.

Berra explains things like the important of not getting Varanis thrown out of the fort, and finding a place to put a stool, where people cannot see, and asks Varaneva’s advice on fields of view approaching various doors, and on when to sleep, and on how sound travels, but ultimately Varaneva is just one of the things on her mind, and after checking she understands her duties, Berra buzzes off. Busy little Humakti.

Xenofos assures Varanis he has not been harmed and seems to lead her aside for what looks like a start of quiet conversation.

After a short while, where Xenofos does most of the talking, there’s a sudden loud outburst from the Vingan. “You will have lived the measure of your time when you are old, Xenofos! If someone cuts your life short, I will call you back!”

Xenofos answers quietly in Esrolian.

Rajar waits out the shouting and then asks “so where is my sword and who turned the light out?”

After a moment more of quiet discussion, Varanis turns to Rajar. “You fight with axes, big man. Not a sword. Is your head still a little rattled?” Varanis seems to be trying to be funny, but is clearly unhappy.

“I chopped down a rune lord. I saw the iron sword fall.” Uroxi bellows.

Xenofos turns to look at Praxian. “I gave the prisoners sword to the commander at the same time I turned in the prisoners.”

“Prisoner? He died, no?”

“He was a prisoner, Rajar. But Venna’s man walked into our camp and killed him. Surely you were told this?” Varanis explains.1 Insight: Varanis is distressed by her other conversation and not fully picking up on Rajar’s mood. She’s being patient with him, possibly thinking he’s not fully with it yet. Or that he’s always been a bit slow. Hard to say with her.

“No. I was told a storm bull killed the tainted one. I killed him, perhaps, I recall the blood as he fell. Then darkness as his spirit cast a foul spell on me.” the bulky warrior answers.

Xenofos shakes his head.

“A Storm Bull did kill him. But it was in our camp, while he was unarmed and under guard. That’s part of why we are here.” Varanis explains.

“This is news to me. I belive I need to hear this story.”

Xenofos nods “You seemed to fall off your bison, then you charged the enemy on foot in fury. You maimed one man and when they tried to surrender another without paying attention to their pleads.”

“I jumped from vengeance, called on Uroxs wrathe and he answered in full as chaos was present.”

Xenofos raises his eyebrow. “That may be so. Since you were not listening to surrenders I brought you down from that state of fury.” 2 Varanis: ((Just rolled insight – please let me know if it looks like Rajar might become unreasonable.))

Rajar nods. “That was not wrong of you. You did not know he was of chaos. Hmmmm. And so the sword was won by many of us. Not just me. This is fair. I am annoyed I did not kill the chaos tainted. If you had not shown true strength in surrendering yourself… We would argue.
But you did.
I need to speak to Venna.
But you and I are good Poet “

Varanis relaxes perceptibly.

Xenofos nods.

“Your Storm Khan doesn’t like me much, Rajar.” The Vingan scowls as she mentions Venna. “I’m not particularly fond of her either.”

Berra’s voice drifts by, outside a window. “… see the way the patrols interweave…”
Presumably she is talking to someone. It might be herself.

Varanis: “Berra!” Varanis calls out. “Report.”

“and eril is such a great man but yet Berra Answers. You and Venna too alike. But I must report. Chaos passed me”

“Venna and I are too alike?! Did you just say that? She’s an arrogant, close-minded, fanatical…”

“Wait what?” Berra bids someone farewell, and then she scrambled up to the window and pokes her head in. “I might need some help wriggling through or I could report from here. I got toeholds.”

Rajar smiles and gets up and walks out.”two peas in a pod”

“Someone pull her in,” Varanis growls, interrupted mid-tirade.

“Nah, I’m fine. Unless you want to.” Berra is in her scouting armour, her relaxing kit.

“He walked out! He actually walked out!” The look of disbelief is probably amusing to most observers. “I wanted you to give him details about what happened, Berra. When you can, find Rajar and make sure he knows everything.”

“Oh. Right.” Berra peers in. “I’ll look for him from out here.” She leans back, drops off, and runs off looking for Rajar.

Xenofos looks after Rajar. “You did not tell him what happened when he regained his senses?”

“Berra did. Or so I thought.”

“I see.” Scholar answers and glances at the window she appeared a while ago.3 Insight on Xenofos; There is regret in his eyes and expression.

Varanis scowls at him, but is deflected from her anger. “When he regained his senses, I rather demanded that everyone move out immediately. I was worried about how long you’d been gone. That brings me back to something. Why in the Lightbringers’ names didn’t you accept hospitality????”

“Ours was broken. I did not want to claim protection of his before he had heard of that. It would not have been just.” Xenofos explains absentmindedly looking at the window.

Varanis: “It was brave. Possibly foolish, but brave and honourable nonetheless. And, if he had been aligned with Chaos, then we couldn’t have counted on hospitality to protect you anyway.” She hugs him then. “I’m so glad you are alive.”

Xenofos returns the hug and sighs. “I am. Three others are not.”

“One of whom was Chaotic. It’s a time of conflict. People die. But not..” She frowns again. “You would really ask me to let you leave?”

He nods.

Varanis’ expression shifts from hurt to serene rapidly. “I see. Then it shall be as you wish.” 4 Roll recorded for posterity, but spoilery for Xenofos. Illusion: 001))

Xenofos: “Thank you, Varanis. I hope this will not happen any time soon.

Uroxi wants to know what happened to his loot.