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After yet another argument between Varanis and Venna [[[s02:session-51|Session 51]]]


After the argument with Venna, and the return to camp, Berra also doubles the guard, and tells the camp to wait out in case of any sudden orders, but that she does not expect any that will move them without notice.

Once she’s dressed and had some food, Varanis seems less likely to blast someone with lightning.

Berra sags a little once all the guards are posted, and then asks Varanis, “Can I have a word?” She seems perky. From tired to awake again took almost zero moments.

“Of course.” Varanis stands. “Walk?”

Berra kicks off to do just that. She is armoured again, but only in leather.

Varanis and Berra are gone for a very short time when Varanis returns carrying the Humakti in her arms. There are no obvious injuries to either of them. The Vingan gets Lenta’s help to enter her tent and the two emerge a while later, without Berra. Varanis takes up a seat on the ground just outside the tent flap, unrolls a chunk of hide to reveal a set of fine tools. She bends her head to her work, ignoring the camp around her for the moment.

Xenofos will disturb that working with a quiet question.

Varanis is so focused on her work that it takes a moment for her to respond. “Sorry. Can you say that again?”

“They said she was unconscious…. Why here, why not Chalana Arroy yurt? She’s dead?” Xenofos bombards the Vingan with questions raising in volume, looking at the tent.
He rushed in from somewhere and is really agitated almost panicky.

Varanis: Varanis holds up a hand to him urgently. “Shhhh! Don’t wake her! She’s fine. Just exhausted. She needs to sleep and I put her there so people wouldn’t disturb her.”

The scribe slumps down to his knees. “Great mistress, what a relief. Those who told me just said you carried her in…”

“Do you think I’d be sitting here so calmly if something terrible had happened?”

With deft movements, she uses a sharp tool to engrave something into the small band of metal in front of her.

“I did not… Or rather… I had too much time to think… of the worst when running… from the horses to over here…” Xenofos is recovering his breath.

“I wanted to punch Storm Bull today,” Varanis says, as she peers closely at her work.

Xenofos turns from staring at the tent and wipes his face. “Venna?”

“Yes.” A twist of the tool’s edge, another mark made. “I thought about it. But I have too many people depending on me to die for a moment of anger.”

“She did offer to meet you when free of other duties.” He strokes his beard. “As is honourable…That might take a while for both of you though.”


“Do you want me to take her the word you’ll take her on that when possible or do you wish to wait until it seems you are free to do so my lady” His tone is getting more formal .

Varanis arches a brow. “Eager to be rid of me, cousin? I’d rather die fighting the enemy than our supposed allies. I won’t be free to sacrifice myself foolishly until Kallyr’s position is secured and these people,” she gestures with the tool in her hand in a way that suggests she is talking about the Esrolians, “are safely home again.” She sighs. “I suppose you must think me dishonourable for that. But I gave my oath to the Prince and I promised the troops to do my best by them.”

“I would prefer you to not fight her. At all.” He looks at her. “But thought that you might want to, since you take challenges against Kallyr way more seriously than I do.”

“She has insulted me repeatedly and insulted my prince too. But she’s a Storm Bull. She won’t fight for honour. She’ll fight to kill and if I die, that has consequences for others. If Venna were to kill me, how would our warriors react? Any attempts at revenge, any outbursts even, would likely be met with a brutal reply.” It’s as though Varanis didn’t hear him say that he didn’t want her to fight. She scowls in the direction of Venna’s camp, then takes a deep breath. Letting it out slowly, she turns back to her work, adding another tiny rune to the band in front of her.

“We would probably just leave in disgust.” Xenofos says quietly. “Taking you and our grief with us. If it was a fair duel. Good you choose not to.”

“We leave for the Tovtaros just after Yelmrise,” Varanis says, changing the subject. “Can you ensure that each unit commander knows?”

Scholar rises and looks at the tent again “She is just sleeping you said.”

“Yes. Just sleeping. She’s fine and not in the sense that I normally mean when I say I’m fine,” Varanis tells him with a grin.

“So prepare to march at dawn. Make it known to all commanders. I can make the tour. Maybe see if I can get Rajar to understand that when I am done with the others.” Xenofos answers.

Berra emerges from the tent, looking alert and ready to go, about an hour before dawn. She slept for about twice as long as she normally does.

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