G01 — Session 15


Season, Week, Day

Dramatis Personae


Faced with a dragon convinced it was a beautiful goddess, Jorrim stepped forward and tried to tell her that she was, in fact, dreaming. The dragon-goddess did not take kindly to this, and even less kindly to the general lack of bowing and worshiping taking place. She transformed back into a fearsome dragon.

Ivalla mastered her fear of dragons and grasped her spear, eager to fight (rolled 100 on Fear Dragon). Finarvi, on the other hand, had the opposite reaction and cowered behind the Hero King’s massive shield (rolled a Special on Fear Dragon).

The dragon breathed out a green, acrid cloud of poisonous breath but Jorrim released the air elemental from the bag of wind Queen Leika had given him. The gale funnelled the cloud of poison out through a hole in the temple’s roof.

Arim drew his sword and attacked the dragon, wounding its left hind leg. Serala maimed its wing so badly it could not fly. Enraged, the dragon struck out and clamped its jaws around her head, biting through her helmet.

Seeing this, Finarvi gave in to his urge to run and bolted to Serala, who was lying unconscious on the ground with large dragontooth-sized holes in her skull. He healed most of the damage, enough for Serala to rejoin the fight.

Meanwhile, Arim had severed one of the dragon’s legs, Jorrim had thrown both his javelins, including the magical one, and Ivalla, abandoning the shield she can’t lift on her own, joined the fight too. The dragon dodged the javelins and enthralled Arim to stop him doing any more damage, but then Serala repaid her dues by stabbing the dragon through the chest. Ivalla slashed through its right foreleg and it fell to the ground, unable to maintain the enthrallment.

Seeing the dragon was down, Arim drew the dragonnewt’s klanth and used to deal the deathblow, severing its head just as Jorrim’s magical javelin circled round to bury itself in the dragon’s heart.

The severed head opened its eyes and spoke to Jorrim, offering knowledge if he kept it from being returned to the traitorous dragonnewts.

Disliking this greatly, Finarvi dug some leather straps out of his pack and bound the head’s jaws closed.

After the battle, the statue of a woman on a dragon in the room seemed to come to life and spread her arms, saying “You have freed me from the wyrm-friends’ magics.” The statue bowed to them before freezing back into immobility.

Later, the group returned the head to the dragonnewt plinth. The dragonnewts’ speaker told them they had earned a boon from the dragonnewt’s master, and need only place purple Nardas flowers on a plinth for the master to come.

They then travelled back to the tomb of King Berenvenos to return his dragon-fighting treasures. Jorrim asked if he could keep the javelin so that he could tell the king’s story. After some buttery persuading, the king agreed.

Back in Clearwine, Queen Leika offered the group a reward of land and 20 cattle. The land was the steading near the base of the waterfall where the dragon had first attacked. Ivalla accepted the cattle and land for the Blue Tree clan. Though initially disinterested, the Grazelanders were soon warming to the idea of turning the steading into a guest house for the portage up the falls, somewhere that both visiting Blue Tree clan and Finarvi’s new trade route could use as a stopping place.

Jorrim decided to settle in the area of the temple and the goddess they had freed, in order to do some research on the old Ernalda sub-cult. Finarvi found himself with a surprising amount of dream-dragon hide and claws to turn into something useful, and Serala received a lot of unhelpful suggestions about how to repair her dragon-damaged helm.

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