The Durulz Fyrd

Ephemera — The Durulz Fyrd


Indrodar commanded the Humakti of the Greydog Clan, and through them the Fyrd, and sometimes he raided into the Marsh in numbers, and sometimes he took in a small band.

At the start of the sixth year of his search, Indrodar went into the wilds, and he cut another line into his arm, and lamented for his lost Queen. On the third night, a pain in his arm woke him, and by the light of Yelm’s dawn he saw that the marks had become the Beast Rune.

When he went back to his steading and called for his companions, Thegn Ismilo told him that the fyrd would no longer come to his call, for they had searched for five years. Indrodar refused despair, and took up anger, demanding their service. Noble Ismilo told him, “It is not me who refuses, but hundreds of spear-bearers.” Then Indrodar swore to face the Marsh without them if he must.

Those of his band swore to follow him as always, but Indrodar bade them stay at home, saying he would bring an army back, and he walked alone to the largest city of the Durulz. There he stood before their gate, his sword tied into its scabbard with bright ribbons that they might see he came in peace.

A bright gaggle of their soldiers came out and escorted him in to a moot, and he spoke, saying, “Were-folk, who walk in the Marsh as hunters of the worst things, who swim in the waters and know no fear. Years ago when my Queen’s body was taken, I came here to beg for peace. Now, I come to beg for war. Come with me, and show the fyrd of humans what honour is.”

The moot of the Durulz cried out their answer, in their savage language, and with two hundred spears at his back, Indrodar walked back to the Greydog lands, and found his companions. They went together into the Upland Marsh, leaving the fyrd of mankind behind them, and a great slaughter of the undead was made, and the pyres burned for two days before they retreated. Then Indrodar feasted his allies and his fyrd with them, and alike they swore to follow him in need, for all knew him as a mighty warrior. Then the scar on Indrodar’s arm was six lines, once more.