Stele 1

The stele of Varanis and Berra

Berra waits in a duel and allows Varanis to pick up her sword. Commissioned by a Humakti Troll, it shows Berra with large muscles and a fat belly, but a human snarl with tiny teeth.1AKA ‘shouting like Berra’ Varanis is posed as a troll hero, but with three breasts, as her armour advertised. She is said to have cut off the other three so that she could be more fearsome. Mainstream troll opinion is divided over whether Berra is allowing her opponent to pick up her weapon out of pride and boasting, or a wish for a good fight.

Artist: Unknown trollkin2Berra Player

  • 1
    AKA ‘shouting like Berra’
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    Berra Player