Hazia Gin

Ephemera — Hazia Gin



We’re trying to tell
What to wear into hell
Where the metal will freeze to your skin
But all we can buy
To get us that high
Are mushrooms and Hazia Gin.

When you roll into town
And the bison falls down
And the rider has finished the beer
Then be sure at the gate
To stand there and state
That they really have nothing to fear

Now the Unicorn’s drunk
And the troll-kin’s blue funk
Has him taking a one-legged dive
And the scorpion men
Have a chaotic yen
To invite you down into their hive

When the Grey Sage’s rush
To pick up her brush
Has caused her to fumble her axe
Which bounced up to clout
Our Grazelander Scout
And the unicorn lady of Prax

But we’ve done this before
Though our memory’s poor
And we can’t quite recall who kills whom
But we know that the sound
That they hear all around
Is an earth-shaking ear-hurting boom.

And the Death Cultist’s bored
And she’s hugging her sword
And singing a hymn to the end
And the Trickster decides
To prove bona fides
With illusion – oh Eurrmal Forfend!

So the town locks up hard
And the gates are all barred
And they dog-scratch NO HEROES WITHIN
But we cannot be sad
Because everyone’s had
The mushrooms and Hazia Gin