Ephemera — Cartoons


The Group.

Berra. Yes, she is that short.
[[<image berra.png size=”small”]]

Mellia, who is made of niceness but sometimes gets cross.
[[<image mellia.png size=”small”]]

Nala, a tall hunter who is terrible with a spear.
[[<image nala.png size=”small”]]

Rajar. Mighty, and fat.
[[<image rajar.png size=”small”]]

Suuraki. Staring into the trackless wastes again.
[[<image suuraki.png size=”small”]]

Tiwr, beautiful and vain.
[[<image tiwr.png size=”small”]]

Valseena, who is good with bison ailments.
[[<image valseena.png size=”small”]]

Varanis. She has cast Leap again.
[[<image varanis.png size=”small”]]

Xenofos, about to write a devastating footnote.
[[<image xenofos2.png size=”small”]]


Berra’s ex girlfriend.
[[image lanasha.png size=”medium”]]


The picture that started this. Varanis wanted to see a chibi Xenofos harried by the women in his life, as represented by a hawk, an alynx, and a wolverine. Berra became a honey badger along the way. ‘Chibi’ is a little beyond me but these are cute-toons.

He’s just trying to have a quiet, civilised bath, but the alynx is in mid air, the honey badger is shouting, and all the little love-hearts have already been stabbed. At least the hawk doesn’t care to interfere.
[[image xenofos.png size=”medium”]]

Lord Kesten Hulta

Truthful, Honourable Humakti who had the misfortune to meet the PCs. This cartoon does not have a strictly in-game canonical ending.

[[image kesten_panel_1.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_2.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_3.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_4.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_5.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_6.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_7.png size=”medium”]]
[[image kesten_panel_8.png size=”medium”]]