Blue Tree Ploughing Ritual

Ephemera — Blue Tree Ploughing Ritual



Records from the writings of Vestra of the Grey Sages suggest that ploughing in the Blue Tree Clan of the Colymar Tribe of Sartar was a communal affair, with all of the Clan cottars taking the plough to their land in turn, with all helping. Typically this act was performed with the best ploughman, or sometimes the cottar whose land it is ploughing, with a second member of the community at his side, helping guide the plough. One plough and one oxen team seems to have been shared between all the families for this purpose, despite the relative abundance of oxen for ploughing, but this seems to be linked with a local Bantar Cult hero, Broyan Barleycorn, who is said to have blessed this particular plough. Scholarship is uncertain about whether this was a common arrangement in Sartar in the late 1500s and early 1600s1Llewun’s notebook on the subject indicates that usually, Barntar or Orlanth initiates would plough, and sow; women would reap. Those wishing to study ‘Pierce Ploughman’ in more detail may apply to Amb.Lib. at any time..

Broyan’s Plough
This is a bronze edged wooden plough, carved with many runes, and the head of the plough shaft made into the form of a woman with long flowing hair, which passes back down the shaft. This is usually painted yellow, in recognition of the Grain Goddesses. In times of particular plenty this seems to have had a thin layer of gold leaf on it.
It is a Bladesharp 4 Matrix for the plough. Each Cottar takes turns walking beside the plough, feeding it magic points until they are exhausted. In this way the heavy clay soils of the Blue Tree are turned quickly and efficiently.

Broyan’s Chosen Oxen
Where possible there will be one white ox and one black, but in usual times other colours will be used. They will be selected in their youth, and trained by followers of Eiritha to the plough. When a preceding Ox is too old to continue, a new one will be tattooed with the runes of a Mobility matrix, which will then be activated by the woman who walks at the side of each Ox. As each is exhausted, another woman will replace them.