Yurt With Black Doorpoles

Xenofos — Yurt With Black Doorpoles

????, Dark Season, Season/Movement Week


Dark Season/Movement Week/Freezedayday/Late afternoon. [[[s02:session-21|Session 21]]]


Having just been lectured by Neela because of something her cousin has done, Varanis is on the hunt for Xenofos. He’s not at their shared yurt, so she pauses to consider where she might find him, given the time of day. The people outside the next yurt over tell her that he is probably visiting Black Lance. She heads in that direction. Rapidly.

The other yurt is not very far. It is easily recognizable by the black posts on the sides of the door. She politely enters, right foot first, passing over the frame without touching it. “Hello, “ she offers in Praxian.

“Enter, guest, “ comes the answer from behind the fireplace.

Black Lance was as tall as Rajar in his day, but these days his back is crooked and snows of many winters have made his long hair white.

“Greetings, Grandfather, “ Varanis replies.

A bit to the side in spot of guests sits Xenofos. He has writing kit on his knees but a small boy, aged maybe three has wedged himself into his lap and is making the writing look difficult by tugging his beard.

“Ah the redheaded warrior, pleasure to see you under my roof Daughter of Wind.”

“Thank you, “ Varanis replies, a hesitant look in her eyes. “I look … cousin… “ She nods in Xenofos’ direction.

Xenofos waves happily. The little fellow follows suit.

“We need to talk,” she tells Xenofos in Esrolian.

“Is it urgent, cousin?” he asks, putting his pen down.

“I’m not sure. Why did I just get castigated by a Praxian woman who was angry with you?” Varanis avoids using names. It’s bad enough she’s speaking in Esrolian.

He gently frees his beard and turns to look at Varanis with raised eyebrows. “Sorry cousin, I am not sure if I heard you correctly.”1Varanis passes insight: If anything his tone and face show surprise, muted in deference to the hosts.

“Find me when you are free to talk.” She bows to their host and politely takes her leave.

“That sounds urgent. Family matters Grandfather, I must take my leave.” There is sound of delighted giggling from the lad and Xenofos follows Varanis outside.

As soon as they are clear of the yurt, Varanis tells Xenofos about her conversation with Neela. “I think she got it out of her system by the time she was done accusing me of lying and mocking her, but I’m not certain.” She arches an eyebrow at him. “What is going on?”

“Neela? Snubbed? I have no idea Varanis.” Scholar says. “I mean I have seen her practically every day for weeks when talking with Old Black Lance, but talked pretty little apart from everyday little things.”2Scan? Fail Varanis does not notice the approaching warrior until he is almost upon them

That warrior who almost walked into Xenofos must have been in his cups. There is plenty of space between the yurts. Or it could have been deliberate whether he was sober or not.3Special on int x 5. V may not have seen the guy before he got in Xenofos’ way, but she suspects it was a deliberate act by him.

“Xenofos, there’s something definitely wrong and unless you want to find yourself fighting one or more Praxian warrior, we’d better figure it out.”

“Well that is secondary concern, Varanis. If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt you, then it sounds like Neela is really angry or hurt of something I have said and done. And I have no idea what.” He shakes his head.

“Perhaps you should ask her?” Varanis suggests. “It seems like a logical first step.”

“Maybe, but why did she not say anything to me? If you had not told me I would be quite oblivious anyhing is wrong?”

Varanis sighs. “You are often oblivious, dear one. Too distracted by architecture to see what is happening around you. Do you need my help?”

“I mean, I visit her uncle to hear of old times, eat by their fire when invited, play a bit with Orgfal to keep him quiet when Black Lance tells his stories. But there has been no talk between me and her whatsoever meriting such strong reaction.”

“Hmmm. I wonder if there’s some sort of Praxian custom we are unaware of. Maybe we need to ask someone.”

He shrugs “It is a mystery to me. I have only been respectfully friendly as one would when a guest. Majaro, that is Black Lance in tradetalk, has told me the most about their stories, maybe he could tell me of their customs too…”4X dif not fumble his int roll but close.

Xenofos looks thoughtful. “Nobody has said anything to me. But Neela opened up to you… It could be that this is one of those things that are better talked through intermediaries, to avoid embarrassment. And pride is important to Bison folk, that much I have learned this season. So, as much as I hate to look like I am hiding behind your skirts, could you ask what this is all about, please? I think you have better chance of getting an answer.”

“You know I love you, right?” Varanis looks resigned. “I will try.”

“Thank you Varanis, I would appreciate it if you did.”