Words With Varanis

Xenofos — Words With Varanis

????, Fire Season, Season/Death Week


Fire Season/Death Week/Godday/Late afternoon in Saiciae palazzo [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]


Afternoon is hot and there is very little happening at the palazzo right now. Varanis overhears couple of servants who wonder if lord Xenofos was drunk.

She stops abruptly. Then turns on her heel and makes her way to Xenofos’ room. She raps sharply on his door. There is no answer but door is slightly ajar.
She nudges the door further. “Xenofos?”

Xenofos lies on his back on the couch, not in his bed.
He is wearing his scholars robes.1 critical succes on scan
He is breathing steadily, there is a look of wonder and small smile on his face. Over his heart there is a glowing Truth rune about size of a hand.

“Xenofos?” She crosses his room swiftly, to get to the couch.2 V ooc: Oh no… is he drugged? But the rune seems positive…

He opens his eyes slowly when she calls out.
She crouches down beside him, reaching out to touch his forehead, but hesitates when he opens his eyes.

He blinks a couple of times and turns slowly towards her. “Varanis?”

“Are you alright?”

He considers his answer for a couple of heartbeats. Varanis has time to see that kohl has ran all over his face.3 He has probably been crying. A lot. “My heart is rejoicing, Varanis.” He starts sitting up. “But I am exhausted.”

Getting upright is a bit wobbly operation.

She glances around his room for water, both for drinking and for washing.

There is washcloth and some lukewarm water in a basin. Someone may have started trying to tidy up Xenofos but has given up the task before finishing. On a table there is a jar and some beakers.

She checks the jar and beakers to see if there’s drinking water, first.

There is drinking water in the jar and one of the beakers, two others are unused.

She hands him a beaker of water to drink and returns with the basin of warm water and a wash cloth. “You are a mess, dear one. Let’s clean you up and bit and when you are ready, you can tell me what happened.”

“I saw her Varanis! I saw her again!” He has let his beaker drop and takes hold of Varanis’ hands. Which might result in spillage, he is quite careless and does not take that basin into account.

The beaker and the basin both drop, soaking Xenofos and splashing all over Varanis. She stares at him, takes a deep breath, and says, “Who?” in a patient, if rather confused, voice.

“Her! The Light of Wisdom” What is left of his kohl is getting all the messier as new tears flow over his cheeks. “And she has not forsaken me… She told me to keep on seeking the mysteries of knowledge. And if I fail to continue on seeking.” He is crying and laughing at the same time.

She pulls him in for a hug. “Oh Xeno! That’s wonderful news!” She leans back to look at him. “But you are a mess. Come on. We’re going to the baths, though I suggest you wash your face first.” She picks the cloth up from where it feel. “It’s still sort of warm and either you use it on you, or I will.”

Meekly he takes the cloth and tries to do something to his face. Varanis has time to look at him. His green robe seems to be in need of servant’s care now. Although that rune on his chest is still glowing. In fact there’s a slight shimmer under the gentle glow of the gold. Like fingertips and a palm touched the pattern. And the cloth itself has turned to gold.4 With that critical Varanis can tell that this is a new thing. This robe had smaller runes edging the neckhole and stripes at hem and sleeves.

Varanis studies him. “The Light of Wisdom has truly blessed you. Look here…” She shows him the rune.

He struggles to say anything coherent. Perhaps his blushing is more telling.

Finally, she takes the cloth from him to wipe at the parts of the kohl he has missed.

“I went to the Library… To pray and ask Lankhor Mhy… If this was a curse or his punishment. And would he help lift it from me….”

Having finished with cleaning the worst of the damage from his face, Varanis sits cross-legged on the floor to listen.

“And what I should do… And he heard me. He heard me and answered.”

“Can you read again?” she asks softly. Nervously.

“No. Not yet.” He answers with a shadow passing his face. “But she told me I just have to keep on seeking.” When he mentions her his face is lit, all worry disappears, his voice gets softer.

“If I can aid you in any way, you know I will.”

“I know, Varanis. She… she told me to keep on seeking. And no True knowledge can be lost. I don’t know when I find way to her again. But I know she is not keeping me away. She is encouraging me to go on.”

“I’m so happy for you, Xeno. You practically glow with joy right now.”

“If I glow it is but pale reflection of her radiance.”

The cousins wander off into baths where Xenofos alternates between rambling on about his vision and sitting quietly with a dazed impression on his face.

  • 1
    critical succes on scan
  • 2
    V ooc: Oh no… is he drugged? But the rune seems positive…
  • 3
    He has probably been crying. A lot.
  • 4
    With that critical Varanis can tell that this is a new thing. This robe had smaller runes edging the neckhole and stripes at hem and sleeves.