Words Of Chastisement

Xenofos — Words Of Chastisement

????, Fire Season


Fire Season – On the road to Whitewall, quite soon after Devolin played his little trick [[[s02:session-43|Session 43]]]


Xenofos rubs on the red mark on his cheek. “Ranie, you should really not do that.”1 fail honor, pass loyalty Varanis

The Vingan shrugs. “You lot were going to abandon the resources I got for Kallyr!!!”

“If you were not my liege lady and cousin I could not accept that.” He looks serious, but not angry.

“Challenge me on the training field. I’ll accept your chastisement there,” Varanis retorts.

He shakes his head. “No. I will not raise weapon against you in anger. Do not abuse that.”

“How else would you have had me stop all of you?”

“You can not lay your hands on people like that.” He looks over to Berra. “Good thing you could not touch her.”

“My question remains. How else would you suggest I have broken Devolin’s spell?” She is starting to sound frustrated.

He shrugs. “I do not know. But you could break bonds of loyalty and friendship with that.”

“I didn’t hit hard. Just hard enough to try to snap you out of it.” Varanis looks defensive.

“You hit me. And Irillo. It is not something nobleman can tolerate easily, Ranie.”

There’s a mulish look, but then she says, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know what else to do in a hurry.”

“Apology accepted. Please don’t do that again.” He looks and sounds calm. His cheek is still slightly red.

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    fail honor, pass loyalty Varanis