Words At The Palace II

Xenofos — Words At The Palace Ii



In the morning after the party at the Whitee Grape, in the palace of Kallyr. [[[s02:session-44|Session 44]]]


It’s the morning after the party gathered at the White Grape. Up at the palace, Xenofos is rising early to ride out with the others to see the Esrolian troops. His cousin emerges from her sleeping chamber, buckling her vambrace into place.

“Good morning, Xeno. I thought I’d see you off before I go to greet Yelm.”

Xenofos unfolds himself from the short bed. “Good morning, Varanis.”
It may be the drinking in the previous evening or the early hour but Xenofos does not look too happy.

Someone else would not notice, but it seems he is brooding over something.

“What’s wrong?” Varanis is not wasting time dancing around things this morning.

“Not… ” Xenofos shuts up and sighs “I would not wish to talk of it Varanis?”1 failed Truth from Xenofos

“If you’re sure…” She looks like she’s not sure, but doesn’t press the issue. The Vingan pours some water from the jug on the table and offers a cup to Xenofos.

He is not looking at her but accepts the cup with a nod.

Xenofos drinks a bit and looks at Varanis. “I hate to leave you here. But I can not be in two places at same time.” For no apparent reason that sounded like a change of topic.

She shrugs. “Neither can I. I should be the one going to see the troops. But I have to be in the Temple. I’ll catch up to you as quickly as I can, so we won’t be apart for too long.”

“Who will you have as escort?” he inquires.


“Only Venlar?” He shrugs. “Well if there is treason we all would not be enough.”

“I’ll be alert, Xeno. And careful. I’ll even stay off rooftops until we catch up. Honestly, most of tomorrow I’ll be in the Temple and if I’m not safe there, I can’t be safe anywhere. Today, I’ll limit myself to the Temple visits I need to make and other preparations for tomorrow. Most of the time, I’ll just stay in the palace. Does that suit?”

Xenofos looks around gloomily. “Would it make a difference if it did not?” He says after a pause. “I did not like the welcome she gave you. And I don’t think it makes a difference if you are at the Grape or here. Or even if I am here or not.”

Varanis attempts a reassuring smile. “She is the Storm, Xeno. Sometimes she rages, but the fury always blows away when it’s spent. You’ve seen similar from me.”

He nods reluctantly. “So we’ll meet in the camp day after tomorrow?”

“Yes. I’ll come as swiftly as I may.”

Having finished buckling everything into place, she tucks her helmet under her arm. “Ready? I’ll see you to the top of the stairs and then I’m heading to the Flame. I’ll greet Yelm from there. I like the views and my grandfather’s presence is comforting.”

He nods, donning his helmet. His eyes are hidden under the brim. “Travel safely, travel swiftly.”

She reaches out with her free hand to rest it on his shoulder. “You are dear to me, cousin. Please take care of yourself too. Now, come. Neither Berra nor Yelm wait with patience.”

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    failed Truth from Xenofos