Xenofos — Vigil



After Kallyrs feast [[[s02:session-29|Session 29]]]


Spoilery for Berra

After leaving the Praxians Xenofos walks steadfastly to temple. It is getting late so, the door is closed but the doorkeeper answers Esrolian’s knock.

After a short exchange of words on low voice he shrugs and shows Xenofos in.1 Xenofos buffed charm with sincerity and passed

The flickering light of oil lamp casts grotesque shadows as Scribe follows his guide deeper into the building. Guide opens yet another door and lights a second lamp. Chamber is austere, but there is a writing pulpit, some parchment, ink and pens.

Xenofos removes his helmet and nods to doorkeeper. Doorkeeper leaves with a bow and returns later with a jug and cup. He sees that Xenofos has doffed his vambraces, but is still wearing rest of his armour. On top edge of parchment Xenofos has written his name and current date. He seems to be contemplating how to continue, his eyes are closed and he does not acknowledge the presence of the other person.

I seek your guidance Lhankor Mhy, but you remain silent. Why is it so? Have you forsaken me? Have I forsaken you? I have travelled far and sought Truth. I have not sought it in Libraries, not much, that is True.2 failed devotion Lhankor Mhy
I have served my liege lady first. I will continue so as long as I can. If I can.

But that is different matter from writing. What I write must be the Truth. It may show truths of my love or loyalty, but those must never cloud the Truth immutable.3 Xenofos failed loyalty Varanis and love Berra, but specialled Truth

There is no-one in the chamber to observe, but if there was he would see Xenofos expression change from thoughtful to tender to mask of calm. He dips his reed pen and starts to write.

Close to dawn Scribe takes the pen out of his aching fingers. He pours and drinks a small cup of water and rubs few drops to his eyelids.

On the pulpit there is a pile of freshly written parchment leafs telling, in Esrolian, a tale of exiled heir of Sartar who has returned to Sartar through hardships and sufferings. Not to take but to give, as noble servant and kinsman of her Prince. Her vow to relit Flame of Sartar and her quest to Hell is refererred to briefly, likewise apparent suspicions of some of Prince’s advisors – which the writer points out – are the writers conjencture.

Others are mentioned throughout the text, Grazelander cousins who left for Grazelands after brief appearance, the short Humakti, big Stormbull fanatically loyal to White Bull, mystic Unicorn Witch, couple of Praxian companions recently met, shady Esrolian cousin, honest Issarian and a scribe who occasionally confirms what he writes by words this I know, for I was there. Text mentions some events in Prax of which significance the writer is not certain – relating to reborn ancient Beast god. Apart from few overly long descriptions of architecture it is not a bad text. Kallyr welcoming protagonist, again, despite her incompetent scribe and herald describing her as Prince leaves the ending open.

Style would benefit from corrections to smoothen the flow of thoughts, but as I read that I see I have not written anything that is not true. Some sentences are clumsy and some things I have repeated, but nothing is wrong.

  • 1
    Xenofos buffed charm with sincerity and passed
  • 2
    failed devotion Lhankor Mhy
  • 3
    Xenofos failed loyalty Varanis and love Berra, but specialled Truth