Xenofos — Urox

????, Fire Season, Illusion Week


Fire Season, Illusion Week, Clayday at the Cinder Fox Tula. [[[s01:session-42|Session 42]]]

Spoilers for Xenofos and his Feels. And his Acts.


After people have returned to village and settled a bit Xenofos seeks Rajar out.

Rajar is cleaning undead off his weapons and armour…

“Greetings Chaoskiller. That looks positively nasty, does it not fill your nostrils with foul stench of chaos?”

“There were no pale ladies. They have the chaos rune.These. These just kept coming. Like chopping wood, wet soggy disgusting wood.” There is disgust in the voice of large warrior.

“Nasty affair that had to be done. But I came on other errand. I understand you came into blows at Wilmskirk and had to pay fines on account of affair begun by my actions?” inquires the scholar.

“Hmmmm. Your actions? I think more a wolf hunting on cat lands.” bellows Rajar in manner that for him counts as discreet.

“Wolf stopping alynx to protect its nest maybe.” Xenofos persists.

“Perhaps. It is of no matter. A mild misunderstanding.”

“If you say so, Rajar. There is another matter I would need your assistance, Chaoskiller.”

“Of course comrade.” Rajar smiles, glances down to check the axehead, stands and grips the shaft. “Where are we going?”

“I think just outside the palisade is the place and good axe might be in order.” the scholar replies. “But hopefully not.”

“Indeed? Then lead on.”

Once outside Xenofos looks over the fields and orchards. “I have felt weird unease and have reason to fear Wakboth’s remains are about. Can you sense Chaos?”

” I can try. Sometimes it’s not clear.”

“Sense anything here?” asks Xenofos scanning the horizon.

“Not yet. 1Pass Sense Chaos. Nothing here. I feel sure. Maybe further in.” there is hint of danger and caution in the voice of Uroxi.

Xenofos seems to relax. When he turns to face Rajar he is a bit pale. “I trust your judgement. No chaos despite my fears.”

“We’re good,” bellows Rajar “We can check the rest if you need.”

“I think this will suffice. Let us see if we can find a tankard of ale.” Xenofos replies.

“Very good. We’ll check again later.” says the berserk idly swinging his bright axe.

  • 1
    Pass Sense Chaos.