Under The Wings Of Uleria

Xenofos — Under The Wings Of Uleria

1627, Earth Season


Late Earth Season, Boldhome [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]


When Xenofos returns to the Temple of Uleria, he is immediately escorted to the room where he and Aranda had shared their meal earlier. The priestess is waiting for him.

“Good evening, reverend. Seeing you gladdens my heart.”

“Beloved, your dear face and kind words gladden my heart too.” Her smile is welcoming. “Come, let us show our love to Uleria and then I shall tell you what I have learned.”

As before, when the rituals have been completed, she offers him wine and food.1 If nothing else, you should be exhausted by bedtime. 2 his con is pretty high 3 Ok – which one of us blushed first?

“I thought being drawn to different directions would tear me apart” he looks at the wine swirling in his goblet. “Curiously enough it does not?”

“Your love is expansive, Xenofos. This is why you are drawn to Her.”

“I thought I was just seeking the shelter Her houses offer.” he looks at Aranda with a question. “So I thought.”

Her answering smile is both knowing and patient. “But you have gone beyond mere shelter, have you not?”

“I think so?” again he looks at his glass. “I have been so blessed. I feel both marvel and gratitude. Even if She feels capricious. Or maybe because of that?”

Her shrug is eloquent.

“I do wonder sometimes… I feel blessed, and feel I receive. I don’t know if I give in return.” He smiles a bit wistfully.

“You do. You give Her your love, your grief, your worship. She welcomes it all.” Aranda sips at her wine, then says, “I have asked about that which we discussed this morning.”

He looks at arch of her neck. “Walking in someone else’s dreams?”

“Yes. It is possible, but none here have the knowledge. There is one who comes to join us during the Holy Week. She knows the secrets and I will ask her to teach me.” She sets her wine down, and takes his hand in hers. Her luminous eyes search his face. “Will you manage until you you can return to me?”

“This is not a new thing, Beloved. Even if I thought I had left it in the past.” he squeezes her hand “I will come back, Aranda.”