Under Strain

Xenofos — Under Strain

????, Fire Season, Illusion Week


Flashback; this scene was not logged at the time.
Fire Season, Illusion Week. Varanis is under guard, for the time being, as the only Heir to Sartar [[[s01:session-43|Session 43]]]


When Berra comes to the White grape Xenofos will approach her, gesture at a table and say quietly “Varanis within walls of Vingas temple for the night.”

Berra nods, and relaxes her shoulders a bit. It is almost like she is allowing herself down time from being a killer. “Anything I should know?” She sits at the indicated table, once she has put beer on it.

“She would like you to escort from there in the morning if you are free at the time…. By her looks she might want to have a word.”

“I’ll do that. Dawn arrival?” Berra dips a finger in her beer and rubs around the edge of her clay cup, wetting it before she drinks.

“Probably yes. Apart from that she hopes you’ll rest well. She expects coming times to be rough.”

“Heh. Yes. I’ve just come from the High Swor… well, yes. I’m thinking about asking for help from the Temple, once the Regiment returns.”

“She does not want it. The throne I mean. So please don’t do anything that could be seen as move towards making that claim.”

Berra gives a tiny nod. “Mhm. I’ll be as careful as I can.”

“Thank you.” Curious look “How are you feeling?”

“For myself? Fine. Worried for the future. My Temple’s empty and my friend is exposed to all of Sartar’s politics. I’ll talk to her in the morning and get a better idea of what I want… sorry, what I need to do. What she wants.” Berra looks more thoughtful than worried.

“It may be she does not need to make that decision yet, if Kallyr returns. But if she does, she would need time to realize what she wants – and needs to do.”

“Well, I mean mostly about keeping her alive, but a bit about the future too. It’s not a decision she can hold back on.”

“No, not for long.”

Berra shrugs. “In that case, I should sleep. Anything else?” She glances over at the hulking Rajar. “He’s on guard, then.”

“Yes, he said we would alternate sleeping” shrug “After hearing Varanis tell she does not wish to rule, so no need for blows. Apparently he is strongly sworn to White Bull.”

“Right. That’s good. And a point to remember.” She gets it.

“If only everyone she’ll meet would be as upright in telling what they think.”

“Or considerably less competent if they disagree.” Berra lowers her voice, and speaks almost into her cup, lifting it to look at the level of beer within it – she has hardly had any. “Humakt is not with me right now. I called on him within the Upland Marsh.”

“Neither is Lhankor Mhy very strongly with me. Not that sage gives any extra strength to my sword arm.”

“We should plan for me to be away on Wildsday night, if we get that far. By then, rumour will be making things very hard.”

Nod. “But lots may have before that anyway. Lets just get through tomorrow first.”

“One day at a time. If it’s really bad, one hour at a time.” Berra nods. “I should get my eyes shut, then. Sleep it out.”