Thanks For the Soothing Words

Xenofos — Thanks For Soothing Words



On the road from headwaters to the mouth of New river [[[s03:session-5|Session 5]]]

Spoilery for Berra and Varanis
Out of order here – should precede Hurt feelings


Duckpriest and Berra navigate through the lands in a meandering path that will eventually lead to Quackford. In their wake the new river feels the grass and earth and lay of the land. At some point Xenofos steers his horse at the side of Maalira’s bison.
“White lady.”

“Scribe?” Maalira’s tone is light and pleasant.

“I owe you major thanks.” Xenofos says in a serious voice.

Maalira’s eyebrows shoot up. “Oh?”

“For calming her down in Clearwine. Thank you.” Scribe says looking forward at back of the little Humakti.

Maalira laughs a little bit. “I’m not sure how much of that was me, and how much was just Berra being Berra, but you’re welcome.”

“I think it was quite a lot of you, Maalira.” Xenofos looks at the healer. “And things could have gone rather awry there. I set in protecting the thing and could not see through her agitation if she quite had her wits. When she calmed down and could walk that distance out of the gate I could feel safer giving the egg to her.”

“It did feel rather precarious for a while there,” Maalira admits. “I don’t think she would have damaged the egg though?”

“No she would have not. I know that now. ” Xenofos rubs his brow. “I know that now…”

“She was almost willing to damage you, though,” Maalira adds.

“Maybe, I don’t know about that. I know she laid hands on me and caused a risk to the egg but if she had wanted to hurt me and not cared about the egg she would have used fists or sword…” Scribe shrugs “but the main thing is she cooled down enough I could properly understand why she claimed possession and I could also understand she also was in condition to and willing to protect the egg. So thank you, White Lady. May Chalana Arroy smile on you.

Maalira smiles brightly. “Any time!”