Talk Of Marriage

Xenofos — Talk Of Marriage

????, Earth Season, Death Week


Earth Season, Death Week, Clayday (ish?) [[[s02:session-7|Session 7]]]
House Saiciae is hosting a party. Follows on from [ Drunk]
1What’s your valet’s name?
In the house? No idea. Some basic Esrolian male name I guess.
Xenofos, how can you not know?!
Oi, servant?
I know all my servants’ names! Honestly, cousin. His name is Norin.
I did know the name of serving girl?//
Varanis gives him a stern look.

At some point, Norin wakes Xenofos to tell him that he will be expected to make an appearance tonight. He needs to show that he is neither wounded nor hiding in shame from his loss.

Cold water, clean clothes. Rise and shine. Probably in downward part of inebriation.

He saunters into the party long after Mellia and Varanis have arrived, with a look of someone who has done a good honest day’s work and is at peace with himself and the world. He keeps goblet filled – with water – even though wine might sooth the headache attempting to follow. Varanis spots him as he comes through the door.2Critical on insight human: He seems – happy. And even though you could not say he looked unhappy before difference is striking to you. Others might see normal polite young man.

Varanis approaches Xenofos. She is particularly elegant again this evening. Marta is likely many things, but first and foremost she’s a true professional when it comes to making her charge look beautiful.

“You look well, Xenofos.”

“Oh, I was afraid I did not give my valet the proper time to dress me up”

“No? You look wonderful. That looks like Karne’s work – she has such attention to detail. The green really becomes you,” she reassures him.

“The tunic I wore earlier just vanished and Norin brought these.” He grins. “Hope they don’t tell matrons I am prime cut on the market.” He does not look too worried of the prospect.

“A prime cut, perhaps, but not overtly advertising your availability,” Varanis says with a laugh.

“Mellia looks dashing, although without Venlar it is like her radiance is behind a cloud.”

“His father told him to stay out of the way tonight for some reason,” Varanis says.

“Oh, that is a pity. Might be prudent, but unnecessarily so. It should be obvious to anyone seeing them they were made for each other.” Xenofos seems to ignore common sense and let feelings guide his ruling, like a typical man.

“You’re right, Xenofos. It’s really obvious and anyone who thinks Mellia would marry anyone else is delusional,” Varanis says derisively.

“People are good at deluding themselves. Especially when dazzled by such beauties as you two tonight.”

“You’re the one receiving all the gifts,” Varanis points out.

“Mere trifles and polite gestures.” Xenofos just brushes off any concerns.

Varanis raises an eyebrow. “Really?” She sounds sceptical.

“I am not negotiator for house, even less one who makes family decisions so what could anyone possibly hope to achieve with them?” Xenofos patiently explains the absurdity of Varanis’ suspicions.

“But perhaps you are the one being wooed? You would make a fine husband for the right woman. You have to marry within your cult, don’t you? Do any of the houses sending you gifts have eligible women?”

Xenofos laughs. “I think anyone negotiating that match would feel badly betrayed if they found out I can’t settle in my wife’s clan because I am the sworn man of my own cousin.”

“You know if you found the right woman, we’d make it work, right? I don’t want you to feel trapped.” Soft but serious, she offers him the freedom to choose.

“That is not a concern right now, cousin. But thank you for saying that.” Xenofos’ tone is light.3Xenofos calls for Insight human and Varanis gets a special. He is speaking truth. But perhaps not whole truth. Not looking straight at her and his earlobes are getting slightly red.

The look she shoots him is one of pure Yinkini curiosity, but she says nothing more on the subject. “We should circulate and make sure Grandmother’s guests are happy.”

“Ah yes. Mingle. Make small talk and smile, that kind of thing…”

“Exactly.” She wrinkles her nose in distaste but then puts on game face, all smiles and welcome. “It’s what she wants from us, for the moment anyway.” And with that, she glides away to speak with one of the matrons from House Merele with three daughters and a son in tow.

He seems happy to talk with Silor and other guests.