Surprising suggestion

Xenofos — Surprising Suggestion

1627, Storm Season


Storm season Straw weaver camp [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]


Xenofos was still in Prax at Storm season. Foul weather to travel and all that.

He does mention to Dakajeel that Varanis is with child, expected to deliver about the time of High holy day of Storm Bull.

Dakajeel just shrugs.

One day, he comes to Xenofos with an older woman at his side. She’s obviously Eirithan and is someone he’s seen around the camp, though not interacted with much. Dakajeel introduces her as Durinda and says that he will translate for them.

“Well met Durinda, how may I be of assistance.”1 Fail customs Prax. What the heck is happening.

Through the young warrior, she explains that she is going to adopt him and he will be her son. Dakajeel adds that she is the mother of Najeem and Garmeed.

Xenofos blinks. Idea seems outlandish and rather demeaning. “Why do you offer me this, aunt?” he asks respectfully.

“Then you will be clan. Uncle to Neela’s children.”

He nods slowly.

There’s a bit more explaining managed through Dakajeel. Babies can’t have two fathers. Neela can’t be an Esrolian wife. If Xenofos wants to be related to the child, he can be adopted into the clan. Neela lacks the relatives to adopt him, but Durinda has been persuaded by the Herd Mother that she should adopt him. This has the added benefit that he will no longer be in competition with Garmeed who will be his brother.2Brother of a husband and father? Maybe that counts here…

“It makes sense as you explained it.” He looks at Durinda “Has Neela been told and approved this?”

Dakajeel confirms it with the older woman and nods to Xenofos. “Yes.”

“Then I gratefully accept, mother.”3 Passed love family, failed loyalty Saiciae which I used as snobbery.