Strange Fruit

Xenofos — Strange Fruit

????, Sea Season, Season/Fertility Week


Sea Season/Fertility Week/Windsday Eve [[[s02:session-38|Session 38]]]


Venlar entertains the inn – showing off wholeheartedly – with a song about a warrior who falls in love with a blue tree, and the fruit they make together.

Xenofos did not seem entertained by that particular song even though he gave it polite applause. Maybe his Heortling is not good enough to value that poetry. Or something else.

Rajar doesn’t care about the sound track much but is catching up on violence gossip. Or tales of heroics as some say.

Yamia, sitting in a corner where she can watch the room – and Venlar – looks murderous in expensive armour. She gives Rajar a level look, either an invitation or a challenge.

Rajar smiles and laughs and drinks.

On a gesture from Yamia, one of Venlar’s thralls goes to her for a moment, and then approaches Rajar to ask if he would give the mistress a moment of conversation.

Rajar wanders over with a smile and a mug of beer. He sniffs her loudly on approach.1 uhoh 100 Oh yes. Chaos is about. It could very well be her. She looks very deadly. Maybe best to kill her now, while she is unprepared

Rajar stops dead. Sniffs again and looks around the room wildly.

If Irillo is present Rajar makes a beeline for him.2 ((oh temptation to pull a Begby))

Irillo is getting some wine to be snooty at.

Rajar smiles broadly ‘Let me get you this drink old friend’ there’s a pause ‘and if you have a magic to detect enemies cast it on me now for I smell something foul and tainted and I’d know who or what it is’

He sighs, then calls on Issaries.3 Ping Find enemies up Yamia watches, interested.

Nobody seems to be a direct enemy to Rajar…

Rajar leaps up on a table screams “I am Rajar Chaoskiller. Chaos fear me for I will kill you….. Everyone else have a drink on me!!”

Then he looks around the room, especially the corner that smelled funny just now…. But the entire room also.

Waves the storm bull axe about a bit, also beer mug

Venlar also looks in, and looks to Yamia. She eases herself away from the wall, but she is looking at others, not Rajar.

There is HUGE GRIN on Rajars face

“We will of course help,” Venlar declares.

Several ducks leave the room.

Rajar buys everyone a drink.4Rajar assumes: it was just chaos spirits passing and I’ve scared them off if I don’t see enemies. As obviously any chaos would regard me as a foe

Yamia is a Humakti, who are less feared here than in many places. The ducks who had not been scared away from her could also be chaotic… certainly they mean no harm to Rajar.
Nobody wanted trouble here. Nobody got trouble.

Venlar looks to Rajar to see what help is needed. Xenofos lets go of his scabbard.

“I must not flee chaos and must fight it if I see it. I’m not running and I see no fight.” Rajar is back to a happy place and buys the Humakt follower her drink personally “I smelled something funny for a second. It must have fled.”

Yamia bows her head slightly as she sees Rajar approach, although she does not sit back. “Your strength and ferocity must be a great asset… to you.” There is just a fractional pause, enough to hint that Storm Bulls are wild and uncontrolled.

Venlar goes back to telling people about how he was given this wonderful cloak for the song he wrote, and the generosity of the Blue Tree Clan. The cloak is made of shaggy horse hair, and is considerably less up-market than he would usually wear, but he seems genuinely enthusiastic about it.

“It is touching poetry, no doubt of that Venlar.” Xenofos comments with polite smile that does not extend to his eyes. “I heard dates are set. Congratulations.”

Venlar’s smile reaches his eyes differently; one is crinkled by his scar. “The date details are not set, but Yamia has only to write – there are a set of suggestions, and early in Fire season I should have a wife then in Earth season, she has a husband. Or, at least, some story of that sort.” He brought wine with him, and gets up to offer Xenofos his cup. “Esrolian, now I think about it. A red-blue.”

“Here is to that wedding taking place as planned, and to healthy offspring, may that firstborn one be a girl.”

Venlar chuckles. “Yes – I suppose in Esrolia that matters. Here’s to that.” He bows his head to be drunk to.

“They say it does not, but both Grannies and Mothers seem elated and relieved when there are girls to carry on the clan.”

“Little Mellias would be wonderful. Of course, knowing my family we might have little Yamias, and that would be…” He glances over to where his sister is, and stage-whispers, “Delightful.”

Yamia takes the time to ask Rajar about things beyond Dangerford. Her brother gets only a dagger-filled glance, practically a fond smile from her.

Scribe nods politely towards Yamia, returning to Venlar. “I suppose world needs both sweet healers and spiky little Humaktis, and is all the richer from having both.”

Venlar blinks, a thing made obvious because his scar makes it slow. “Only her family tend to point out her size,” he says a little lower. “Other people have learned not to.”

Yamia is giving Rajar a polite look over her drink.

Xenofos looks up from his drink, looking a bit disoriented. “Oh, right… Spiky.”

Venlar keeps his voice low. “The important women in my life are all short. Mama, Yamia, and now Mellia. At least Thane Varanis feels the rain soon after I do.” As the tallest person in the room, he stands out. As perhaps the richest, he has already stoutly ignored several come-on glances and significant stares. Either that, or he did not notice them.

Xenofos just nods, idly scanning the room.

No Berra. Venlar takes the chance to get his wine back. The Death Rune scrawled onto the wall where Berra sleeps is not drawing too much attention here, though it gets respect. A few ducks are playing knucklebones on a low table. Berra is not there.

Xenofos nods to Venlar, goes to his room and leaves the inn wrapped into his riding cloak.

Venlar goes to turn in, muttering something about Mellia and getting a good night.

  • 1
    uhoh 100 Oh yes. Chaos is about. It could very well be her. She looks very deadly. Maybe best to kill her now, while she is unprepared
  • 2
    ((oh temptation to pull a Begby))
  • 3
    Ping Find enemies up
  • 4
    Rajar assumes: it was just chaos spirits passing and I’ve scared them off if I don’t see enemies. As obviously any chaos would regard me as a foe