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Xenofos — Salacious Gossip

????, Earth Season, Fertility Week


Earth Season, around the end of Fertility Week, following Xenofos and Varanis arguing in the baths. A small gaggle of servants is gossipping as they work. [[[s02:session-9|Session 9]]]


But why did she sound like a fishmonger when she was yelling that question?

Surely she cannot be jealous. It would be ridiculous to even suggest that.

She said it, indeed. More than once. And of course it’s only natural when you think about it. A man like that, thinks his Cult is too good for the likes of other women, won’t marry out of course. And he’s not a NORMAL scribe is he? He goes adventuring…

Writes her letters…

Can the Barbarian read? Oh, that would explain why he likes her.

No, but the other one can. The long-haired one. Maybe Varanis meant her. Did she say a name?

Yes, but then she did say she was wrong as well, and he was in love with someone else, so it could be Yamia.

Lady Yamia.

Lady Yamia then. They met up in Sartar. People make bad decisions abroad.

And what about that dress?

She can’t keep it here. She’s taken it to the apartment he got for her.

She packed it with her things. That’s why Lady Yamia’s in the armour now. To make room for it.

She never sleeps in her own room, you know?

Aha. a nod

She can’t wear a dress. It’s a religious thing. A joke between them.

Expensive joke if you ask me.

Yes, but we don’t know it fitted HER, do we?

The tailor never measured her, after all. The dress was for Varanis.

a wise nod follows

And anyhow, the dress was only in Berra’s room for a while. She brought it to Lady Varanis, obviously. Or maybe to where Xenofos wanted it.

Was it really a dress, or was that just what they called it? Did he get her blankets and bedclothes….

Oh, he got her a dress. Pretty thing. But she and Lady Yamia are of a size. She lent it to her friend. Like the armour.

They say she was sleeping on the roof. Now nobody saw lord Xenofos there so I am not saying anything.

If you sleep on the roof sometimes and inside a room sometimes and outside a room sometimes, who are we to say where you really slept?

And of course we don’t judge them. If they want to be happy together…

But why was lady Varanis so angry?

Marta will not tell anything…

Because she wants him of course. And someone sleeping in her room isn’t always sleeping there.

She gets jealous. Vingans have appetites.

But what is the story with the songbirds…

Her Ladyship’s always liked to own things, that’s for sure. And to order people around.

Hush you are too naughty. And walls have ears.

a giggle

Of course she’s pretty and people send her things. But now I think about it Xenofos had that big pile of flowers…

thoughtful look from a young kitchen boy who likes bearded men

You can’t trust the scholars. Ernalda alone may guess what happens in those dormitories.

Lhankor Mhy knows, they say.

For being god of truths he ain’t too open to share them….

We don’t tell the men about everything now, do we? Saving your presence, Nandan Herolor.

Herolor: No offense taken.

A jealous god. As might be said of some of his followers. If you get my drift.

I do indeed. But anyhow, she’s foreign, so does it matter?