Return To The Camp Of The Strawweaver Clan 1

Xenofos — Return To The Camp Of The Strawweaver Clan 1

1627, Dark Season


Couple of weeks into Dark Season, Camp of the Strawweaver clan [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]

Spoilery if you are not in Prax

Among the jubilantly returning bisons there is a high-llama whose rider seems to have eyes only for an Eirithan lady he is with, and slowly approaching the camp, a single zebra whose rider stays calm even when most of the troop breaks into whoops and starts galloping to meet the guards of the Straw-weaver camp.

Once the guards are certain they are not under attack, they return the whoops and word spreads rapidly through the clan. Rajar and his wife’s kin have returned!

The zebra rider leaves his mount at the corral, smiling at the general jubilation and walks towards the yurt of the khan.

A tall, lean figure falls into step beside him.

Xenofos looks who is accompanying him.1 pass int 5

It’s Dakajeel, the warrior who kept Varanis’ bed warm some nights last Dark Season. If Xenofos hadn’t been sure of his identity, the first thing he says would have made it plain. “Where’s Redwind?”

“Redwind is in Boldhome, Dakajeel.” Scribe answers looking thoughtful.

“Not dead then.”

“No, very much alive.” Xenofos looks at the Praxian with a smile.”Asked for you when we met your clansmen outside Alda-Chur.”2 evil man, GM

“She did?” The Praxian beams and his strut becomes more pronounced. “Maybe I go to Boldhome. Why do you come here?”

“I have some errands. But I’d rather talk of them with those who are involved first.” He nods towards the khans yurt “If khan will gift me his hospitality, that is.”

Dakajeel says nothing more, but continues to stay by the Esrolian’s side all the way to the Khan’s yurt.

Xenofos leaves a small barrel of wine as a gift to the khan as a small token of his appreciation of the tribes hospitality. He accepts the salt and coumiss. When inquired of why, he again tells he has some errands, of which he would like to talk first with those involved.

However, he does not wish to impose so if the khans wife could mediate and put a good word to Saberak, who he would like to ask take a message.3 special on charm

The older woman is inscrutable as she looks at the Esrolian. But then she nods and summons one of her attendants. It isn’t long before Saberak enters the yurt. She stops when she sees Xenofos, but after directing a suspicious glare at him, she approaches the khan’s wife.

Xenofos waits patiently as the khan’s wife talks with the younger woman.

Saberak glares at him but moves to stand closer anyway. “What?” she demands in Tradetalk. A sharp noise from the dais and she adds in an uncomfortably sweet tone, “What you want, lore man?”

“I would wish you take a word to a friend of yours, because I know you have her interests at heart.” Xenofos answers from his seated position. “And she will know you are not deceiving her with sweet words on my account. Here a small token of my gratitude for this service.” He puts a small bundle in front of the woman with a small nod.4 normal pass on charm
He gets a scowl in return. Saberak does not move from where she stands over him.
The khan’s wife murmurs in clear Tradetalk, “You seek to humiliate her by making her bow to you to accept your gift? Unwise.”

Xenofos nods, picks up the bundle and stands up. “That was not my intention. I did not wish to force your hand by reaching it over directly. ” He makes a shallow bow, reaches his hand over with the bundle, looks Saberak in the eyes and asks” Would you accept the task?”

The woman nods curtly. “Neela?” she asks.

“Yes.” Scholar says “I wish to talk with her. Will she agree to see me?”

“I ask.” She turns sharply, her long plait spinning out from her body as she does so and narrowly missing Xenofos. If he’d still been sitting, he might have caught it in the face. She walks stiffly away.

Xenofos sits down and thanks the khan’s wife for her help and wisdom.

The wait is reasonable. Not so long that it could be interpreted as a snub, but not so short that she was waiting to be summoned. When Neela ducks into the yurt and then straightens, her pregnancy is obvious. From Xenofos’ perspective, it looks like she could have the baby any minute now.5 whoops, expected her to send an invitation not come herself

Xenofos stands up when Neela enters.
“Neela… Greetings.”

“X’fos,” she replies. She looks good, though perhaps a little tired. Serene. At peace. “You come to stay?”

The people in the khan’s yurt listen with interest, looking on.

“For a season or two, Neela.” he glances westwards “I still follow Redwind when she needs me.”

“I see.” Her expression doesn’t falter. “You asked for me?”
Her Tradetalk has improved in the last year.

“Yes. There are things I wish to talk of.” He looks around “They can be said here, but they might be easier to speak and hear in private.”

She nods. “Come then.” Depriving their audience of further entertainment, she ducks back through the yurt’s entrance.

Xenofos nods to khan and his wife and follows Neela outside.

  • 1
    pass int 5
  • 2
    evil man, GM
  • 3
    special on charm
  • 4
    normal pass on charm
  • 5
    whoops, expected her to send an invitation not come herself