Xenofos — Packing

????, Earth Season, Season/Illusion Week


Earth season/Illusion Week/Waterday/Late afternoon. [[[s02:session-17|Session 17]]]

Late in the afternoon, after Varanis returns from delivering the bird Marta will note to her that her cousin Xenofos had wanted to see her.

Varanis makes her way to her cousin’s room, knocking at his door when she arrives.

“Enter” comes invitation from inside.

She lets herself in, looking around for Xenofos.

Xenofos seems to be organizing his papers. “Hello cousin” comes cheerily.

“Marta said you wished to see me,” Varanis prompts, brushing her hair out of her eyes. The Vingan is gowned in a green dress, gold jewellery in her ears and on her arms.

“All dressed up, ready for a party? Yes. I needed to talk with you. I had quite weird day at the Library. And I ended up accepting a task in Pavis – if you approve that is. I was quite clear on making that condition. So – do you need my service here?” He does not seem to care one way or another what Varanis will answer.1 Varanis fumbled insight

“No party,” Varanis replies. “I was…” She stops, taking in the rest of his words. “Pavis?”

“Yes. Pavis, it is to do with that question Jaldis sent earlier.”

“I see. How long will you be gone?” Vingan’s face shows no emotion.2 Xenofos failed insight

“I am not quite sure. Weather may hinder sailing in Storm or Dark seasons.”

Varanis inhales slowly. “I see. Well. You have accepted already and I would not do anything that would make a liar of you. Besides, I’ll be fine. I always am.”

“I have said there is a condition so your denial will not jeopardize my word.”

“But this is something you need to or want to do?” She latches onto his disclaimer.

“Well… More something I want to do.” Answer comes hesitantly ” but my word to you came first so it does take precedence if you need me.”

“You should go. I will be fine, Xenofos. I… I don’t need you. Go with my blessing, but be safe.” She takes a slow breath, head held high. “Do you need anything for the journey?”

Scholar’s tone is warm. “Thank you Varanis. You know it would take just a word from you to call this off? So I trust you tell me as it is, not what you think I want to hear.” He smiles a bit sheepishly ” You would not have guessed poorly, if you did…”

“Do you need anything for the journey?” she repeats, ignoring his question.

“You to hold my hand if I become seasick? Seriously; is something keeping you here? Come along.”

She blinks at him. “I… I don’t know. Prax…” A look of fear crosses her face. “The last time I was there…”3 Again Xenofos fails insight

“Awful place I have heard” he admits cheerfully.

“I have duties here…” But she trails off. Grandmother hasn’t assigned her any tasks recently and there’s been no word at all from Boldhome. “I need to ask Grandmother,” she finishes lamely.

“Please do. Wind is against now, but may change swiftly.”

Varanis looks thoughtful. “I’ll let you know, either way. Is there anything else?”

Shrug. “No? I need to confirm to Library I am leaving, so they don’t mess up further disciplinary processes.”

“What? Disciplinary processes?”

“I had to defend my account of the Lightbringers quest – and at same I was supposed to be in a different hearing concerning my attendance or rather lack of at godsday services.”

“Defend your account…” Varanis trails off. “You’ve not been attending your Godsday services? Xenofos!” She’s shocked.

“Well, I did miss two in a row… But uncle Desdel still thought use of the Spirit of the Lore for examining this was a tad excessive and perhaps even malignant. I am afraid he is worrying a bit because of this.” scholar seems sorry for trouble he is giving his uncle.

Varanis also looks worried. “You can’t just miss out on your temple services, Xenofos. You’re in Nochet, not a backwater Sartarite village. It will have repercussions.” She reaches for a plait that isn’t there, then runs her hand through her hair instead. “What did Desdel suggest you do?”

“He was planning on looking a bit who is behind this.” Shrug. “But with wyter doing examination case should be closed. Still, before leaving I’ll make sure it is known that I am leaving, on temple or rather Chief priests mission. I would not be surprised if he was behind this, but I have no interest in petty temple politics. It is not like I needed tenure of a sage for living.”

Her eyebrow shoots up at the mention of the wyter. “They brought the wyter down on you? Xenofos, that certainly sounds serious.”

“Desdel thought so too… I am not too worried, but I am sorry for unease it seems to have brought him. And a tad irritated for lack of organization with expecting me be at two places at once, without notifying me of either.”

“You’re being set up.”

“I don’t know if I am more disappointed with thought of someone at Library being so petty, or idea of the people just being so inept.”

“Xenofos,” she sounds exasperated, “that is not ineptitude. That is deliberate. You’re being set up.”

“Could be. Disappointing.” The way Xenofos says this does not sound like the matter would be of personal concern to him, he is just observing.

“I need to speak to Grandmother.”

“And I will need to leave the word to the temple.”

Varanis nods sharply and is gone.

  • 1
    Varanis fumbled insight
  • 2
    Xenofos failed insight
  • 3
    Again Xenofos fails insight