On The Plains Where The Bison Roam

Xenofos — On The Plains Where The Bison Roam

????, Dark Season, Death Week

Dark season/ Death week/ Godsday Eve [[[s02:session-21|Session 21]]]


A bit before Yelm sets Xenofos wrapped in his cloak seeks Varanis out.
“The air of the yurt was starting to get a bit thick, do you want to take a stroll.”

“Yes,” she agrees readily. She has a borrowed hide cloak and a hat that is too big for her.

Xenofos walks peacefully between the yurts towards western part of the camp.
After some time passes he says “Thank you.”

“For what?” She casts him a curious glance.

“For pointing out she had something on her mind. I did not notice before you said so.” he sounds calm and keeps his eyes on his path.

“It needed to be said. For someone who usually just blurts things out, she was being very cautious.” She nudges him with her shoulder. “Are you ok?”

He looks at her “Sure.” shrug “I mean I don’t like her going around with deficient armour and no shield. But now I know why she felt she had to wrestle that brute.”

“Is that what she needed to discuss with you? Her geasa? Why couldn’t she do that with me present?” Varanis looks perplexed. “I already know about them. She told me when she came back to the Zola Fel Temple. She wanted to learn how to tell if there were assassins…” She trails off, her face clouding suddenly.

“Not quite that. She was of opinion that I put myself between her and her assailant unnecessarily and that I should not do it for her if I was not prepared to do it all our companions.” He raises an eyebrow. “I disagree on first point and had very little time to make the judgement. On the second… well. I would not throw myself between Rajar and a tumbling enemy. But I did not promise to not do it in the future” he shrugs. “I don’t know if I could hold such promise.”

Xenofos walks up a small knoll on western edge of the camp.
Sinking Yelm shines to their eyes and is starting to dye the snow red.

With visible effort, Varanis refocuses on Xenofos. “Be careful, Xeno. Interfering with her geasa is a bad idea.”

“Getting in the way of harm generally is.” He looks over the plains. ” I said I would try to remember her geasa if I have time…’

“She’s going to tell me that it’s not my fault she has these extra complications in her life. She’s probably even pleased to have them, because it brings her closer to Humakt.” Varanis frowns. “But I’m going to be very angry with Humakt if he takes her too soon.”

“And she is right if she tells that. Her choice, her and Humakt’s.” Xenofos glances at Varanis. “It is most likely she will die sword in hand and that can happen tomorrow or it could happen many years from now.”

“I know. But it was because of the threat to me that she rushed things. She told me that it is very unusual for someone to take on extra geasa before becoming a Sword. Mind you, it’s also unusual for an initiate to bear iron.” The Vingan stares off into the distance. “It’s wrong of me to fear for her, but I do.”

“She is your friend… And embraces peril. Nothing wrong in being concerned.” Scribe is logical and calm.

“How do you manage to be calm all of the time? I usually feel like I’m in constant conflict, even if sometimes my opponent is myself.”

“I don’t? I was bunch of anguish and fear when waiting you maybe fight Berra.” Scholars turn to scan the horizon. “And talking of risks she takes feels like small knots form in my gut.”

She gives him a wry smile that turns sad as she speaks. “You hide it better than I do, cousin. You are so very much in love with her, aren’t you?”

Shrug. “I feel warm and happy when she is around. But it would be illogical to think this leads to something permanent.”

“Logic has little to do with love.” says the Vingan.

Another shrug. “Yes and no. There is little sense in this. And logic does not change that. But it helps enjoying what is good now instead of worrying of its end. Kind of…”

She sighs and changes the subject. “How long will the snow last, do you think? We still need to get back to Argrath. And I’m hoping the Waha shaman Suuraki found can still help with identifying the source of the assassins. I need to get back to Pavis. And… well… I was rather hoping to be in Sartar by Storm Season.”

“Valind and Stormbull battle over this land. It will be snow and cold or rain and mud for weeks.”

Varanis wrinkles her nose. “What do we do then? On the one hand, assassins are unlikely to make their way here. On the other hand… we’re… here. Gods, Xenofos, I’d do just about anything for a bath!”

“It is simple Varanis. We wait for better weather. ” he grins ” I know just how much you like that counsel.”

She rolls her eyes. “I know how much you enjoyed giving it.”

“I could use our bathfacilities…” He looks at her ” But seriously speaking Varanis, I am not unhappy right now and right here.”

This earns him a little smile. “I’m glad.” She turns to stare across the snowy plains, a wistful look crossing her expressive features.
After a few minutes of companionable silence, she says, “Come on. I’m getting cold. Let’s go find something useful to do.”

He nods. “It will become cold quicky after Yelm sets.”