Xenofos — Meditations

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Freezeday [[[s01:session-37|Session 37]]]


Xenofos walks to the Temple of Humakt. It is a slightly strange walk. There are almost no men his age, and he is getting looks of curiosity, most of which are stilled as people get closer to him.

The Temple is a Death Rune, encircled by a wall, although at the short, upper end the handle part of the Death Rune sticks out a little. The wall gate is nearly closed, and there are a couple of people you do not recognise outside it.

It is a wall, a gate, some guards. Perhaps people who had studied Sartarite Humakti would be able to tell more.1Failed INT x 3 roll.

Xenofos approaches at a normal pace, greets the guards normally. “Greetings. I seek entrance to temple to ponder some matters of truth and honor.”

The guard stares, and then looks for help to his friend. A head-jerk inside is his only reply, and Xenofos is told, “Wait here. I’ll see if that is allowed.” The gate gets opened just enough for him to slip inside, and he is left with a single man watching him for a few minutes, The gate, though, is pushed back to its previous position. Slipping in would require moving it. Silence resumes its reign, and the remaining guard attempts to keep his attention on guarding, and not on Xenofos.

Xenofos takes up silent staring on guard’s posture. He keeps a distance proper for rapier range though, not drill-optio.

For some reason, that does not seem to be making the guard more relaxed. However, it passes the time, and after a few minutes the gate opens again, and the guard comes back out. “You are welcome to the courtyard, and the room beyond,” says the guard. “Beyond that is reserved for those who take part in mysteries. Rekthest, you’re on duty alone for a bit. My lord, will you have something to eat or drink?”

“Thank You for the hospitality, I am fine. Just lead me to the chapel of laity.”

The guard thinks briefly, as he gestures you in.2Successful scan shows… nothing. “You probably want the Rune Stones,” he says. “This is where the laity practice, you see.” He indicates the courtyard, a wide open expanse of beaten earth. There are three doors at the other end, or rather, two doors and an archway. The central door is by far the largest and would lead into the Temple. The archway looks like it has laid stones inside it.

And there is nobody else here. The courtyard could hold two hundred people, and it holds two. The Temple is empty. Everyone has gone to the war.

“Rune Stones?” A nod towards the archway.

“For contemplation,” says the guard, and walks that way. “You’ll find Death among them, but Truth and Honour are always with Humakt. Praise him.”

Xenofos walks to about ten meters of the archway. Removes his helmet. Eases sword belt and unsheaths the sword. Lays it in front of him to the ground and sits down crosslegged. Watches his sword, watches the runes. His gaze is not fixed in any one, but his face shows some trouble when he looks at Death rune. Yelm travels slowly, nothing seems to be happening. After considerable time he picks up the sword, sheaths it and raises a bit stiffly.3Failed meditate honor, about hour of mundane time passes.

There are several runes carved on the walls within the space the archway leaves, and more embedded in the floor, as stones. A few tiny weeds are trying to grow, but the place looks generally well cared for, if austere. Outside, the guard moves through some practice drills and then sits down himself, apparently more interested in polishing his sword than meditating.

The tiny courtyard is hot, warmer than is comfortable even for an Esrolian, as it traps Yelm’s heat and light, and makes them both stronger. From outside there is the sound of a small group practicing, but not the hundreds that could be there at any time.

Xenofos leaves 2 Lunars to the collection box/table nods to the guard and starts descending to the inn, none the wiser.

There is no collection box here, but there is a small niche in the wall which might be – almost must be – for offerings. The group in the courtyard is about a dozen men and women, sparring now the main heat of Yelm is not overhead. The gate is opened and closed for you, and there are now two guards on duty outside.

  • 1
    Failed INT x 3 roll.
  • 2
    Successful scan shows… nothing.
  • 3
    Failed meditate honor, about hour of mundane time passes.