Xenofos — Karne

????, Earth Season, Death Week


Earth Season, Death Week, Waterday [[[s02:session-5|Session 5]]]


Xenofos returns from the Library late in the afternoon and passes the rooms assigned to Varanis. Her door is closed. After freshening up a bit, Xenofos asks passing servant to find out where lady Varanis is. The servant isn’t certain, but he thinks the lady may have gone to the Vingan temple. “She was…” he hesitates as he tries to find a polite way to say it, but finally shrugs and says, “irritated.”

Spoilers Berra – don’t read

She suddenly pats him on the cheek. “You’re a sweet boy and not bad looking. You just need the right guidance.” With a swish of her skirts, she’s gone.

  • 1
    Hugh Grant-type of bumbling charm, buffed with fertility (success) resulting in special success
  • 2
    Successful role on insight: Karne is being open and answering your query with more detail than the aloof lady would normally because of the charm. You get a sense that she’s being honest with you about how she feels.
  • 3
    He intensifies the puppy look