Xenofos — Karne

????, Earth Season, Death Week


Earth Season, Death Week, Waterday [[[s02:session-5|Session 5]]]


Xenofos returns from the Library late in the afternoon and passes the rooms assigned to Varanis. Her door is closed. After freshening up a bit, Xenofos asks passing servant to find out where lady Varanis is. The servant isn’t certain, but he thinks the lady may have gone to the Vingan temple. “She was…” he hesitates as he tries to find a polite way to say it, but finally shrugs and says, “irritated.”

He raises eyebrow ” Because…?”

“I wouldn’t presume to know, my Lord. But she was speaking with Karne. Something about the Humaktis on the roof.”

He gives her a puzzled look. “Hmmm – go tell mistress Karne I would appreciate if she would you be so kind as to spare some of her time and come over here.”

“Yes, milord.”

The servant scurries away on his mission. A short while later, Karne appears. She looks unruffled from whatever has come before. Her sharp eyes study Xenofos with no attempt at deference.

“Mistress Karne, was there some commotion I should be aware of in regards to our Humakti guests? I would ask lady Varanis but since she is absent I turn to you.”1Hugh Grant-type of bumbling charm, buffed with fertility (success) resulting in special success

“Yes. You and Varanis should have warned me that the recipient of your gift would not want it nor cooperate. The other Humakti became strangely emotional, accusing me of hurting Berra. I had to take measurements on a rooftop and without touching the client, so that I wouldn’t impinge on her purity.” There’s an affronted sniff. “And then Lady Varanis told me I should wait and not do the dress yet. I have other work to do and I feel as though my time is being wasted by frivolousness.”

“I see. Well you should not blame lady Varanis. The fault is entirely mine, totally lost in this foreign land of sartorial excellence.”2Successful role on insight: Karne is being open and answering your query with more detail than the aloof lady would normally because of the charm. You get a sense that she’s being honest with you about how she feels.

“I have no desire to blame anyone. I simply wish to know if I should be making the dress or not. I have ideas and would like very much to test them. This is a unique challenge. Being told to wait is frustrating. For how long? Should I start another project or should I wait in case I am charged to complete this in a hurry?” As she speaks of the challenge presented by the dress, she lights up. Her sharp, almost aristocratic, features become animated.

“I would very much like to see you proceed. Varanis, I mean lady Varanis, assured me you are the best in trade and I think our guest and kin deserves the best, despite being poorly educated in some finer aspects of civility.”

She studies him. “Can you assure me that she will wear it?”

“No. I can assure you I will make my best to get her to wear it – and make sure she understands the skill and work involved its making. But she has not asked for it, so I have no right to demand she wear it.” Xenofos’ smile is a tad sheepish.3He intensifies the puppy look

“I will do so, on two conditions. First, you will speak to Lady Varanis to explain why I am ignoring her instructions.” She looks him up and down before adding, “And second, you will allow me to do something about your own wardrobe. I heard about last night’s tunic. That won’t do.”

“Naturally, you should not get in awkward situation on my account. And as to my wardrobe, I trust your expertise. Thank you.”

She nods abruptly. “I will do this, then. I need your measurements.” She pulls a long cord out from somewhere within her elegantly designed gown. “Raise your arms.”

Xenofos is not stranger to tailors craft – as customer that is – and does not fear for his purity. So measuring should result in less drama.

She is brisk, efficiently collecting the measurements she needs. “What are your preferred colours? And which runes do you wish to have featured most prominently?”

“Yellow and green. Truth is enough, but earth and life can also occur.”

“With your colouring? Hmmm… that is part of the problem, isn’t it? You don’t wear yellow. It won’t suit at all. Shades of gold and amber. Green… green we can do. But not garish. You need rich, deep colours.” She eyes him thoughtfully. “Yes, I can do this. It will take a few days.”

Brown eyes show honest lack of understanding on the tailor’s colour evaluations but willingness to abide by her rulings.

She suddenly pats him on the cheek. “You’re a sweet boy and not bad looking. You just need the right guidance.” With a swish of her skirts, she’s gone.