It Is Not Leaving Of Prax

Xenofos — It Is Not Leaving Of Prax

????, Storm Season


Earliest days of Storm Season [[[s02:session-21|Session 21]]]


In early storm season, as travel starts to look possible if long and muddy, Berra begins to be a more serious bodyguard again, even if she is not always with Varanis; she seems to be giving the Vingan some time alone, and some time with a guard about.

Nala, if it’s possible, starts looking both more stressed and more tired. She appears to be working, even when she is asleep. She starts talking about the Paps again. Tiwr continues hauling heavy things and racing buffalos.
Anyone calling on Erhehta will find a small canal (“we need a ditch” done unicorn style) painstakingly dug out pf forzen and thawing ground around the yurt, with a small bridge of sticks and carefully placed stones. Tiwr is very proud of the bridge.

You may or may not meet Nala’s clothing walking around with Erhehta’s.

Berra does ask Tiwr, “How did you dig it without hands?” and is even prepared to watch a demonstration.

Tiwr puffs up and says of course, it is hard for the only two-legged to comprehend the sheer might of four. He demonstrates in the slightly soggier than it was sand, and the apparent sharpness of his hooves is a reminder not to get hit by them.

Berra nods, apparently impressed.

Tiwr then launches into a haphazard conversation. Not enough of the Bison talk to him, it seems, just to their animals which aren’t intelligent, anybody can see that…I mean, Billy…

Berra nods along, listens, sympathises, asks when Tiwr might be ready to leave, and when it would be safe for him to travel.

“If Nala had her way we would be long gone. It’s not our first winter, you know. But she seems to be in the middle of something that I can’t help. Besides guarding her body, of course, which is very important. Have you seen her clothes?”

Berra looks a bit puzzled, but shakes her head. “No. But if you can travel, that’s good. I don’t know what the bison is like over a wet ground, or how zebras go.”

Tiwr launches into a lecture on how inferior those mounts are, which he is sure about as he’s been beating them all at races. Even over stones. Nobody let Billy or his family do that one.

“That’s one reason why we haven’t moved out yet,” Berra says. “But they’re useful in a charge.”

“Over flat territory. Or maybe downhill. Rough terrain, you want a unicorn. Llamas might not be too bad.”

“If it’s not a charge but you’re going downhill, I’m worried it would end up being a charge.” Berra sighs. “Right. Off to find Rajar or someone who speaks good tradetalk, and ask about travelling.”

“I’m SPEAKING TradeTalk!!”

“Yes, but you don’t know about how bisons travel.” Berra looks surprised.

“No, of course not, because I haven’t travelled with bison for years, and I’m just a sheep when it comes to intellect,” Tiwr comes close to snapping.

Berra pauses, thinks a moment, and then says, “That was not clear from how you said it,” thoughtfully.

“Bison can travel over any ground. Pick a direction and stick too it.” Rajar expresses an opinion

“Then we can leave as soon as the zebras can travel. I guess it’s up to Xenofos to make that judgement.” Berra does not mention Varanis.

“I would not take horses on such trip before pastures are green again, not unless I had load of fodder. Zebras seem to thrive on less though but grazing is still pretty lean?” ponders the scribe

“I’m worried about mud but nobody else seems to be so maybe it’s not as bad here as in Sartar.”

Varanis strolls past, stops, looks at them all… “Is it time? Can we finally leave?” She thinks about what she’s said and gives Rajar a look that is almost apologetic.

Rajar shifts the axe in his hands and smiles. “There is a war to fight”
“I was not born to live in peace, but to die in blood and gore and glory”

Berra looks proud, and also very ready to set off.

Cloud passes Xenofos’ face. ” If it is war it takes, than I guess the sooner the better…”