Dreamroot Dreams and Nightmares

Xenofos — Dreamroot

????, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Wildsday? [[[s01:session-41|Session 41]]]



Varanis opens the door to Xenofos’ smoke-filled chamber. She rushes in, but is overwhelmed by the smoke and falls to the floor and into a dream.

Xenofos! Where are you?

There is water everywhere. It’s trying to drown me. I think it’s drawn to my water runes. I need to cut them away.

Magasta and another, I can’t speak it’s name… they are swallowing me. Filling my lungs and choking off my connection to Vinga and Orlanth. I have to stop them. I have to stop them before they swallow the world.


Xenofos turns into water and flows away.

There is wind and rain. Distant sound calls, almost drowned. Varanis? How can the sky be red? It is Varanis. She approaches all painted in blue woad. She speaks but thunder covers her words. She waves a sword smiling encouragingly.

When she turns around and exposes her shield-side I see she is dead and maggots and toads are gnawing her… I shout and the beating of the wings carries her away.