Call Of Uleria

Xenofos — Call Of Uleria



Fireday eve, after meeting Kallyr [[[s03:session-6|Session 6]]]


At evening after dining with Kallyr and descending the thousand steps to house Varanis and Berra bought

Xenofos gets to room set apart for him and emerges pretty soon in his civilian robes with a sword on his side. His gaze wanders until it finds Varanis.
“A word?”

“Of course.” She waves him to the bench. “Unless it needs to be private? The baby and her minders are in my room, but we could find another place to talk.”

“Oh I just wanted to tell you I’ll pop over to the temple.” He looks back over his shoulder “I did not want to take the letter with me so I put it under my pallet in my room.”

“Oh. Fair enough. Want company for the walk? I could use some air.”

“Sure, if you want to tag along.” He looks around “maybe we need to tell someone that room needs a bit guarding, or just trust it is inconspicious as it is…”

Varanis considers. “We could give it to the baby’s guard to keep safe until your return.”

“Would that make her a target? If he does not know she can not tell?”

“Well then, we could just put it in my room.”

“True” Xenofos shrugs and looks towards the front door.

“What?” Varanis looks at the door and at her cousin.

“She was not there when I visited before we left for Clearwine.” Xenofos says as if that explains it.

“She?” Varanis just looks confused.

“Aranda, I told you I promised her I return – at least I think I did?” Scribes voice is similar to one she uses when talking about Berra, when the two have not been fighting.

“The Ulerian? I thought you were going to your temple?”

Her expression clears. “A bath first. Of course. That’s wise and I could definitely use one. Perhaps a massage too.”

He nods and blushes slightly “I did mean the temple of the mistress, not the Library.”

“Ah. I see….” She gives him a thoughtful look. “Aranda. She’s the one I left you with that one time, yes? When you stayed at the temple for a while.”

He nods happily. ” The very same.”

Now the Vingan looks intrigued. “Get me the letter and I’ll put it away safely. Then we’ll go.”

With the letter safely stowed, Varanis ushers her cousin out the door and starts walking down the hill. It’s a ways to reach the Ulerian temple, but at the pace she’s setting, it shouldn’t take long to get there.

Xenofos seems to pay a bit more attention to the surroundings, scanning the environs as they go.

“She helped me with some divination later, and I have been meeting her when we are in Boldhome.” scholar mentions as they walk along.

“She helps you, yes? I have heard that Uleria can mend those whose hearts have taken injury from less obvious causes.”

“She does.” Xenofos looks at his cousin “And she has become quite dear to me.”

“I see… when did you see her last?”

“Before I travelled to Prax” Scholar says.

“Does she know how you feel? Do you know how you feel?”

“She does. I think. We have spoken of it.” Scribe looks at the Vingan and smiles “I know. I don’t understand it, I am just thankful.”

She shakes her head wryly. “You have a big heart, Xenofos.”

He shrugs. “Maybe.”

She says nothing more on the subject, but waits to see if Xenofos has more to add instead.

“I thought about it when I talked with Neela in Prax. Maybe if I loved less but gave it all to someone things would be simpler.” He peers past corner “But it does not feel like a choice.”

“Uleria loves all. Isn’t that what they say?”

“That is so, Varanis.” scholar admits “But in this life it is not always so simple. But I may be drifting to follow her call.”

He smiles broadly “Or at least Aranda’s”

Varanis laughs. “Well, you go see her while I go see about a soak in the baths.” She races up the temple steps in an undignified rush.