Bad Dreams

Xenofos — Bad Dreams



Harvest time, Blue Tree clan [[[s02:session-54|Session 54]]]


It is harvest time. Earlier there was some kind of commotion up at the gates but Mellia was busy with her work at the shrine.
There is a knock at the doorpost of the shrine and quiet question “Mellia?”

Mellia says, “Yes? Has there been an accident in the fields?”

“Not that I heard, cousin. Would you have a moment or are you busy.” says Xenofos.

Mellia says,”Xenofos! I always have time for you! Let’s talk in the Great Hall.”

“I come from there… and I’d rather talk here, if I am not disturbing your patients?”

Mellia says, “We can talk here. Come in.”

“Thank you” the scribe steps in.

Mellia shows the way to an alcove with some chairs.

“It’s been a safe harvest, thank goodness.”

“That is good. Hunger is not something I wish anyone. Ernalda be praised.”

“Ernalda be praised. What brings you here?”

“Berra sent message to her sister… Well that was not really the reason. ” Xenofos combs his unruly hair with his fingers “I wanted to have a word with you…”

Mellia nods. “What is it? Are you well?”

“No unhealed wounds. No sickness. But my sleep is haunted again.” Brown eyes look steadily at Mellia.

Mellia looks troubled by that news. “Tell me, if you can bear to do so.”

He shrugs. “That is why I came, cousin.”

Mellia looks a little relieved.

He looks at his right hand, turning it slowly over.

Mellia looks at Xenofos’ right hand.

“There was a skirmish before the storming of the town. I killed a man. And two more when the town was taken. They whisper and wail in my dreams.”

Mellia frowns. “Were they properly laid to rest?”

He shrugs “I think so. They and all the others…”

Mellia firmly says, “Then they should go to the gods and get out of your dreams. What do they say to you in your sleep?”

“They call me to join them, say I do not belong among the living. Mock me and tell me to wash the blood off my hands. I do not speak their words, but I can tell what those cold voices call for.”

“It was the fortune of war. They can just shut up,” Mellia replies with a touch of anger. “I have an idea.”

“I know it was just. Well, the two in town. But wergild was paid for the one who fell in the skirmish. He would be alive if I had not called a charge… ” scribe answers. “Pray tell me?”

Mellia says,”Humakt bears no love for the dead who plague the living. Go to Berra, or my sister in law, and get her to send the jerks to Humakt’s halls where they belong.”

“I talked with Berra. She tried to convince me that the voice I heard and visage I saw were not the dead mans spirit.” He shrugs. “This is not a new thing. It happened after the siege and the skirmishes of the civil war but those ghosts had already faded to an infrequent memory…”

“Hmm. You seem to be susceptible to bad dreams. Have you consulted the Ulerians?”

“Not yet. I will visit the temple again when we reach Boldhome.” He makes the signs of love and infinity. “At that house I can sleep unhaunted, yes.”

“That’s not a permanent cure, my herbs are not a cure… I really think someone should go into your dreams.”

“I could let go of the sword and stay there?” He leans his head to his hands. “Could I?”

“Varanis might not like that, but I can talk to her.”

“I don’t think I could, Mellia…” he shakes his head. “As little as I could just let go of things and stay in Prax.”

“I am thinking that there’s a way to enter your dreams. If I knew how, I would do so tonight.”

“I know you would, cousin.” He looks up straightens up and takes a deep breath. “I will ask Aranda in Boldhome.”

“Try some research as well. Lhankor Mhy knows all things. I will make something for you to take on the way to Boldhome.”

“Thank you cousin. I try to reach Prax before weather turns too bad so really proper research may come later.”

Mellia rises, goes to the workbench and begins mixing liquids. “I wouldn’t put it off.”

“If the weather turns real bad I might not reach the Straw weavers before travelling is impossible because of the snow. That is if Varanis does not need me next season.”

Mellia finished her work and handed Xenofos a vial. “Three drops at bedtime, at most .”

He nods. “Dogva promised to house us for tonight, said he has more space then you. I think Lenta already accepted that offer.”

Mellia smiles. “Dogva is right, although I would gladly host you and keep watch tonight.”

“Thank you for the offer. How are you doing otherwise? It seemed that lack of food is a thing of the past now?”

Mellia says, “Ernalda be praised, we all have enough to eat. I am needed here. I wish Kallyr had held my wedding as she promised. I wanted all of you to be with me.”

He nods. “The king of Sartar does not always impress with her behavior. But she is Varanis’ liegelady now so what can you do.”

“Not much,” Mellia replies.

“I’ll see if I can find my tenants today and ask Yehna if she has an answer to Berra to take with me. We’ll probably ride early in the morning.”

Mellia nods. “If I do not see you before then, tell the others that I miss them and wish them well.”

“I will. Take care.” The scribe raises up and hugs the short healer.

Mellia hugs Xenofos back.