And A Thousand Steps Down

Xenofos — And A Thousand Steps Down

????, Storm Season, Movement Week


Storm Season, Movement Week, Clayday Eve – after feast Kallyr held [[[s02:session-29|Session 29]]]


Darkness, tinged by the faint red light of the Moon and relieved by the glow of the Flame and the star-spread city, spreads out below the palace. In dribs and drabs, following a cluster of those who babbled as they went, people walk down the steps.

Xenofos looks at the Red Moon, partially hidden by clouds driven by the strong Wind. Noticing Praxians and Berra are gaining ground he hastens his steps.

Berra has at that moment paused to wait, although she sets off again as Xenofos starts to hurry. Her feet are slowed to let him catch up, but perhaps she cannot stand to be still, even for a moment. She veers right to let him catch up on the left.

“I was distracted by the wind for a moment.” scribe comments.

“It’s pretty high. Preparing for tomorrow, I guess.” Berra walks down two steps at a time now, rather than hurrying her pace, landing lightly on each and bouncing in place for a moment before she commits to the next step. That leaves her walking about as fast as anyone who takes stairs the normal way.

Spoiler warning

Don’t blush Varanis

Xenofos follows her with his gaze as she vanishes and curtly explains to Rajar, Suuraki and Valseena that they will see in the morning at the White Grape before peeling off from the group and vanishes downhill.

  • 1
    Xenofos passes insight, Berra fails. Insight: Berra is mostly untroubled, although some hint of deep thought is with her, when she looks for the next place to land. She is thinking about more than merely foot placement at the top of a hill made of a thousand steps, in the dark, when she is walking down them in a way they were not meant to be used.
  • 2
    Checked Xenofos attitude before discussion he passed Truth nomally, but happened to roll 01 on Love Berra