After The Bath

Xenofos — After The Bath

1627, Fire Season, Season/Death Week


Fire Season/Death Week/Water Day/Around midday. [[[s02:session-50|Session 50]]]


As Varanis rides back refreshed from her wash he can spot Xenofos looking at her.

She gives him a wave. Her skin is red from the cold water and her hair hangs in a damp mass around her face. She looks much more awake than previously.

Xenofos looks kind of confused and definitively not happy. “Do you have a moment my lady?”1 Succes on loyalty Varanis and Truth together with a special on love Berra

“For you? Always.”

He looks at the Vingans accompanying her.

She waves them off with her thanks.

He waits until the red headed women are out of earshot. “Thank you my lady.”

“Let’s go into the tent,” she says. She leads the way in and takes a seat on her bedroll.

Lenta looks at them both, nods and leaves the tent.
Xenofos nods to her and looks at her leaving the tent.

“Poor Lenta. She’s always having to leave the tent.” Varanis sets her travelling jewellery box in her lap and begins picking through to select some pieces. She glances up at him. “How can I help?”

“There is a thing you probably should know. I told her I would probably need to tell you.”

Varanis sets the jewellery down. “Go on?”

He is looking at the jewellery, not Varanis. “The duel with the Bull.”


“Berra said you were there and would know. But from what she told I would not have understood.”

“I’m going to need you to explain things in more detail.”

He sighs. “I’ll try.”

“What she told me…” He looks at the corner of the tent.

She waits patiently.

“I told her I need to tell you because it might be politics…” He gathers momentum. ” The duel. She said that if Argrath insists on fake duel she would challenge the man to the real thing to his face. The bull. Not Argrath. And she is not wrong. But that might complicate things for you my lady.”

His words come out in a hurried burst.

“I see what you mean. But politics can’t come in the way of her honour. Hmmm…” She looks thoughtful. “I’ll discuss it with her. Maybe there’s a way to mitigate the damage.”

He nods, shaking his head “First I tell you to keep family secrets from her. Then I need to comment on her undermining your authority and now this…”

“Like her, you must do what you believe to be right. That’s not always an easy thing.”

“I would not want to, Ranie.”

She looks at him, puzzled. “You would not want to do what you believe is right?”

“I would not want to stand on her way. Or pass criticism on her. Or tattle on her.”
He shrugs. “Even when it is right.”

“But, at least you are not letting your feelings for her blind you.”

“No.” He admits desolately.

She gives him a sympathetic look, then picks up her jewellery again.

He stands up, rubs his temple and nods before turning to walk out.

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    Succes on loyalty Varanis and Truth together with a special on love Berra