After Tears

Xenofos — After Tears



On the road from Glasswall to Alda-Chur [[[s02:session-51|Session 51]]]

A bit spoilery for Berra.


As the column meanders slowly forward Xenofos rides alongside Varanis and nods.
She thumps Manasa just hard enough to get the horse’s attention. “No biting!”

The black continues to eyeball the other mount, but she doesn’t go for a second attempt, yet.
“Are you well?” Varanis asks, keeping her attention on the horse.

He nods “I am quite well, thank you. Would you like to take a little view of the whole column from that little knoll?” He points with his head. “And have a word?”

A flash of worry crosses her face, before she shoves it away. “Of course.”

“I talked with her” he says as they ride to the left flank. “And thought you would like to hear.”

“Her? Berra?” She glances towards the head of the column, where the Humakti has been checking in with the scouts.

“No. Lenta. As I promised?” scribe says gazing at Varanis.

“Already? I’m impressed. And? What’s wrong with her?” The Vingan looks worried once again.

“She told me to thank you for your concern. And to say to you she is fine.” Xenofos answers, looking at the troops trailing their spears.

Varanis grimaces. “She’s been around me too much if she’s answering like that. What else? You wouldn’t have asked me to ride out here, if there wasn’t more. Though…. They do look much better than when we first joined them, don’t you think?”

“She also said I should tell you, she will give thought to what happens if the corps disbands, but has not really done so, with her mind firmly in the present” Xenofos says, fidgeting with his beard.1 Insight tells that is not all, but he did pause there

Varanis sighs. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“I was coming to it Varanis” Scribe answers. “I was just trying to think how to put it…”
He sighs and tugs his beard “She did tell me what the matter is.”
He looks at Varanis warily.

There’s a touch of impatience. “Well? What is it? I need to keep her happy and functional – both for her sake and the army. We rely on her.”

He tugs his beard again. “She asked me to not tell you, and said I would not.”

There’s a scowl in reply, then, “So be it. I won’t ask you to go against your word.”

“I suspected you would not like that. Milady.” He looks at the marching rural spearmen. “I may have been swayed a bit by those green eyes. But I respect the reasoning of her plea.”

The Vingan sighs again. “It’s something to do with me then, isn’t it? Will there be any value in me asking her? Or should I just leave it?”

“She opened up when I told you were concerned.” He looks at her again. ” You could probably make her tell what she told me. I would caution against that, Varanis. Please respect her wish?”

“Fine. I don’t like it, but it is what it is, I guess.”

“That is her wish. I don’t know if it is wisdom, but were I in her place I would probably wish the same.” He pats Creamy on the neck. ” I am sorry I disappointed you. I may be wrong. I think she is coping. I don’t know if you can make her happy, but if you want to keep her functional telling her you you wish her being happy and rely on her for the army would not hurt.” He shrugs. “But my advice on keeping people happy is suspect, Varanis.”(muokattu)

She nods solemnly. “Every one of them matters to me, Xeno. I don’t know how to look after them all, but I must. I’ll start with her.”2Is he suffering from hangover. Why are his eyes red? Varanis: He’s Orlanthi in many ways. Wears his emotions openly. Xenofos: He wears some emotions openly. There are some he feels are shameful and tries to keep hidden. But crying tears of sympathy, grief or anger are by no means shameful.

Xenofos nods.

“Thank you Ranie” He says quietly.