The Wind, the Sun and the Rain

Mellia — Weeper2

????, Fire Season, Season/Illusion Week


Fire Season/Illusion Week/Clayday/early morning, in the Cinder Fox Temple of Orlanth, not too long after Don’t Fear the Weeper. [[[s01:session-42|Session 42]]]


Mellia is meditating before the altar of Chalana Arroy. She looks calm, but there are tear tracks on her cheeks. Also, is that a smudge near her collarbone?

Rajar takes a seat off to one side. Pulls his gauntlets on, lays his axe across his lap and waits. Keeping an eye on the entrances and on Mellia

Mellia will notice Rajar sooner or later. She’ll come sit next to him. If that’s a bruise peeking out of the edge of her robe, it’s going to be a beauty. “Rajar?”

“You seem troubled. And hurt. Anything you need an axe to resolve?”

Mellia smiles at that. “I am troubled and hurt, but I don’t think an axe is required. Thank you, dear friend.”
Yes, that’s a bruise.

And how did you acquire the bruise? If you are willing to tell me.

“It was that – ” Mellia swallows a word – “Hero Quest. “

“Ah. I would very much like to meet the people who started all of this. The other questers.”

“At this rate, so would I. Why does that man’s past keep dragging us into it?”

“Those are the times we live in. The Herowars have begun. The dragon rise confirmed it. And it appears our doom is to be Heroes. Our fates are to be mixed with those of other heroes and gods and the blood of thousands. It would have been good to lead a simple life.”

“A simpler life, anyway,” Mellia agrees. She thinks for a moment. “The questers involved are both very, very sorry. I knew the risk when I intervened and I am not sorry. I may have saved a life.”

“I would have followed Waha perhaps. Raised Bison and children. My wife would have been a priestess of Eirthia. But our path is blood and death and where the gods walk. So others can live in peace another day.”

Mellia nods. “That would have been a good life, Rajar. Did you have your eye on any priestess in particular?”

“No. It’s a nice dream when there are no faces. One day I will be a Stormkhan. Some take wives. But in the time of heroes why inflict loss and pain on the innocent. I fight here in Sartar so my people need not suffer more. They are free of the Lunars and have good grass and water.”

“That’s good. I try to walk the path of peace. No wonder it’s getting harder.”

“One day we’ll all be free. Even the slaves of the empire. If we win.”

“Which means we should get those relics to somewhere they can be used soon. I don’t think it’s healthy to be around them long.”

“Not to mention having failed to beat us to them, killing us and taking them seems a tactic I’d choose.”

Mellia nods.