Telling the Healing Tale

Mellia — Healing Tale 3

????, Sea Season, Season/Stasis Week


Sea Season/Stasis Week/Windsday/just before dusk . This occurs in the village hall. After [[[s01:session-27|session 27]]] and right before Session 28.


Varanis, as planned, tells [[[ephemera:vinga-saves-ca |Vinga Saves Chalana Arroy]]] to the village children while wearing her armor.

Small children listen wide-eyed to the story, and dutifully join in the dance that Chalana Arroy shows them, although the steps are a little too complicated for small people, and they lose track of exactly what they are doing. Still, Sosa managed to be there, and she happily laughs along and they enjoy that, and then they sit down for more.

Among other things, Varanis has a little training as a story-teller. Not as a singer or dancer of stories, but just straight-up entertainment, as might be expected of nobility when the servants are away, and everyone learns how to listen to stories, so it’s Varanis who holds the children spellbound. Towards the end, some of them are spontaneously getting up to dance, and a few are singing. There is the faintest of sounds from Insterla, which is enough to make Arianatha perk up over the distance between them. She’s not speaking or shouting like Vinga, or lisping ‘You be Chalana Arroy, I’ll be Orlanth,’ like that cute pair over there, but she’s making little tuneless humming sounds under her breath, like her throat is talking and it hasn’t reached her lips yet.
It’s more sound than she has made in a couple of years.

Varanis stares at them all in delight, basking in the attention. This feels good and is something she feels like she could do again. She remembers suddenly that this is about Insterla, rather than herself and she smiles to see the mixture of excitement and concentration on the child’s face.

Insterla will skip off herself to go back home as dusk falls, but in the morning will still be making sounds. She’s just not talking yet.