Setting Forth

Mellia — Setting Forth

????, Storm Season, Disorder Week


Storm Season, late in Disorder Week. [[[s02:session-25|Session 25]]]


Then there’s a walk down to the Greyrock lands, and Greyrock Cave, a little up the road from where Greyrock Rise used to be. Beyond that, Greyrock Fall lies, with its salt works down by the village, and the sacred cave where Berra almost died up above in the wilderness.

Everyone wants to greet her. Karlag Kanargsson, son of the old chief, thanks her for the message from Jenn, and Farmast Swordfinder blesses her in an oration by the cave.

Mellia blushes, beams and thanks everyone. Is anyone sick or injured?

The problems here are mostly to do with hunger. The village is doing its best to eke out the food it has, and the harvest was not helpful, so some of the adults are not doing too well. However, they are healthy within the confines of hunger, and the children have enough to eat. This year is about survival, Karlag says. Next year, if they have managed it, they will know the village still lives.

Mellia says to Karlag, “I wish I could help you. I am planning to go to the Paps. Would you like me to pray for you there?”

“It can’t harm,” he says. “If you’re going, you could try bringing back a fertility image too. I heard they can bring good luck in the fields.”

Mellia says, “I will try to do that. Maybe I should get some for my future father in law.”

“We’re all happy you’re marrying a lord’s son. We know of the father’s reputation pretty well, although Jengharl is the warrior among his children.”

Mellia thanks him and blushes more.

A day later, Venlar comes to join Mellia, travelling lightly – only three thralls and hardly any household furniture. There is a caravan going across the Dry Three Sisters – he has traced out the route and they can go on horses, but not ride wagons. He has no idea why it is called the Dry Three Sisters, but apparently at this time of year there will be rains.

Mellia is happy to see Venlar and will take that caravan. Mellia thanks Venlar for the sweets and gently suggests he send a servant next time.

“Do you think your father would like a fertility figure for his fields?”

“Er, no. He’s married. Although I think probably not for long, so maybe he’ll be meeting… maybe…” Venlar looks confused. “Maybe he and Mama will get together again?”

“I hope so, sweetheart. No fertility figure for your father’s lands, then. Greyrocks wants one.”

“If those are the things I think, they’re lucky to sleep beside. I’m not sure how I’d feel about Mama having more children. I think she’s a bit old.” He shrugs. “Father should marry someone else, if he divorces. But it took him a few years, the last time.”

“He says he loves Aelna, so it may be a while.”

“That’s going to hurt, then. Jengharl and Habela had a Firebull mother. It kept things together for a bit but they just didn’t get on well enough, he says. Which probably means something else and I will never understand him. I can’t imagine not marrying you now.”

Mellia blushes. Too bad there are no wagons or carts.