Movement And Action

Mellia — Movement And Action

1627, Dark Season


Dark Season, very early on. [[[s02:session-55|Session 55]]]

Spoilery for events in Boldhome over winter.


Venlar has habits to stop himself from worrying about Mellia being busy or over-working himself. He practices with his sister, or entertains the children – a task that other warriors often will not do. He is trying to build a library, which in his case means a list of all the scrolls he will want sent or copied. He has plans for the house that will be built once there is labour free after the Temple is finished. And he makes time in particular to bring meals to Mellia, and to eat with her if he can. Breakfast today is berry porridge with honey, because if he does not order something special the Blue Tree makes it with salt, and he has never picked up a liking for that.

Felgin can and does cook for him. Now freed, she is one of his household.

Breakfast is good, and afterwards there is a chance to walk around the village and talk together. Venlar wants to hold Mellia’s hand, of course.

Mellia looks worried this morning. Venlar gets to hold her hand, but she’s thinking hard.

He finally swings her up onto the fence that holds the horses secure, so he can look up at her. “What’s the matter, love? Can I do anything?” He tries not to ask her directly what he can do.

Mellia says, “You can advise me, but I have to break a promise first.”

Venlar looks torn. “Oh… darling…” He does not ask more directly, but says instead, “Can you bring me into the promise? Or tell me a shape of the problem?”

Mellia says, “I will bring you into it. Varanis made me promise not to talk, but this can’t be hidden forever.”

Venlar sighs. “Then do. If I can ease your mind. And besides, I am her advisor – let me do my duty whether she calls on me or no.”

Mellia nods. “She is pregnant, Venlar and I am afraid for her and her child.”

He looks immediately sorrowful. “Oh – a pregnancy going wrong can be terrible… what then can I do for her?”

Mellia shakes her head. “Varanis is in excellent condition and Maalira should be able to handle her. I am worried about various people reacting to what should bring us all joy.”

His stance changes, and he relaxes a little. “Oh, at least that can be addressed in the world I understand.” He looks around, being sure there is nobody nearby before he too climbs onto the fence. Once, back when they met, he would have risked pitching over into the horse-trampled ground on the other side. Now he just steps up, and seats himself neatly beside Mellia. He has given her the most comfortable stretch of fence. “What then worries my … worries you so?”

“Kallyr and Fazzur. Do you know if Yamia can sense assassins?”

“Kallyr would not harm her kin,” he says instantly. “But I could send Yamia to her, if you wish? I think I can persuade her to leave me. We’re not exiled from home, you know? It’s just difficult for us to come back for a while. Going to Boldhome should be workable.”

Mellia nods. “Varanis hates being guarded and Yamia won’t like this either. We probably need to go to Boldhome and sit on Varanis. Drat.”

“Oh, far easier. We should go to Boldhome and ask Varanis to sit on us. That is how one manages the Orlanthi. But Varanis is a warrior, and soon the seasons will set in, and snow be our ally. One does not demand of Varanis, but ask her instead to suggest. Hint, or wait for her questions. She has pride, as Vingans should.” He takes her hand again, gently, to stroke the back with his thumb. “It will be fine, if the honourless ones do not hear of it. You are right to fear Fazzur, who would try to profit.”

“I usually manage Varanis by yelling at her and being right,” Mellia replies, “but I am willing to try a new approach.”

“If you do, eventually she will learn to walk away, or to fly, unless she already wants to do what is right. Talk to her about your worries,” Venlar suggests.

Mellia sighs. “I hope this works. I hope I am not needed here for a bit.”

“You will be good for her. Shall I fetch Yamia? She will want to drive the chariot.” He smiles slightly, softening just to think of his family.

Mellia muses,”With the harvest in, things should calm down. Let me talk to Sosa and Tathia and pack.”

“I shall fetch the family. Tamakt is going to be a city baby. We shall have to bring his nurse as well, so we will be a party of four and a child. Not a bad one, but we should leave today if we can.” Venlar does not yet spring into action, but he is obviously ready for it.

Mellia nods. “I will go now. Maybe the household can pack up. Thank you, sweetheart.”

“Oh, I’ll let Felgin know. I wasn’t counting the household, but we should take her too, I suppose.” Venlar hops down, to lift Mellia from the fence.

Mellia thanks Venlar and goes in search of Sosa and Tathia.

Mellia tells Venlar a secret, and they spring into action.