Letter from Venlar 1

Mellia — Fvl1

????, Earth Season, Season/Disorder Week


1626 Earth Season/Disorder Week/Fireday/morning, finding Mellia at the White Grape. [[[s02:session-1|Session 1]]]


My dearest love,

I have your letter to my hand now, my smile turned on it from time to time as I think of you. How brave you are, and how noble! I miss you terribly.

I followed my father from Wilmskirk to Duck Point, and by pure good fortune caught him not far from the city, and we were able to converse through the magic of Orlanth, and thus I told him all you said to me. Saying the words made them seem more real, and I set forth on my return with a light heart and a heavy foreboding, thinking you might be in danger.

In Wilmskirk, I met Yamia, and for a few days my sister needs me. Some strange thing has happened that you will see when you meet us once more. I will bring her to Boldhome, rather than be apart from you, but you must promise me to be as tender and careful to her as to any patient, even as to me. She has always been my stalwart prop, as well as my shield and sword when I can no longer lift either, and now I am hers.

I will set off soon, but travel slowly, for I fear pushing myself too hard and alarming her.

I love you. Your hands once more I kiss, wishing your whole self were before me.

Venlar Silorsson, Mellia-beloved