In Nochet V

Mellia — In Nochet V

1627, Sea Season


Late in Sea Season, in Nochet. Just after the last scene. [[[s02:session-40|Session 40]]]


Erna is found on the very highest level of the hospital, laying flowers at a statue. She is just finishing as Mellia finds her, and turns with a smile. “Mellie!”


“Where have you been? What have you been doing? We missed you!” Erna’s eyes are huge and wide.

Mellia tries to hug Erna. “I have been in Sartar, mostly. I did all sorts of things, including the Lightbringers quest. I also met a wonderful noble.”

Mellia hands Erna her wedding invitation.

Her attempt is fully successful. “Oh?” And then. “Oh!” Erna cannot read, but everyone knows the signs for Fertility and Harmony, joined together. “You? Little Mellie?” She is delighted.

Mellia beams. “Yes, we’re getting married. You will come, won’t you?”

“Of course! When? Does this have everything? My father can read. Is he handsome? Rich? I heard you were building a hospital yourself…”

“This has everything. It is soon. He is handsome and rich, but not as rich as Grandmother. Kallyr Starbrow gave me and my friends some land, so I’m going to build a hospital. The area needs one.”

“And a lightbringer…” Erna steps back to look at the tattoo. “But in woad. Not with your family? I had not heard.”

“I had to join the Blue Tree Colymar when I accepted the land. It is a geas of theirs.”

“Oh, I see.” Erna looks pleased. “Yes. I will come. I will move the heavens to come.”

From below, a voice calls, “Lady Mellia?” It drifts up the stairs.

Mellia calls down, “Yes?”

A man comes up into view. Fenest. “I have a reply from the High Healer,” he says, proffering a small sealed box with both hands.

Erna makes a little noise, impressed and awed.

Mellia says, “Thank you, Fenest,” and takes the box. “Is this to be opened now?”

“If you wish, of course. Some prefer to see such things in private.” He bows, waiting for a moment to see if he is needed.

Mellia opens the box carefully.

Within is a scribed piece of papyrus, nestling in dried flowers of the sort that are, as Mellia recalls, used for soothing minor pregnancy pains.

Mellia very carefully takes the papyrus out and tries to read it.

The script is unfamiliar, more fluid and flowing than Venlar’s clear writing. “Your secretary may wish to read it,” Fenest murmurs. “It is written in a secretarial hand.” He is helping her not look illiterate, maybe.

Mellia puts the papyrus back in the box. “Please thank the High Healer for me. Thank you for bringing this.” The box goes into the satchel.

Fenest repeats his bow, and takes a step backwards before he turns.

Erna says, “You’re inviting her? You invited her?”

Mellia replies, “It seemed like a good idea. You wouldn’t believe who my relatives are inviting. I won’t be surprised if they sent an invitation to the Queen.”

“If she arrives I’m going to scream,” Erna replies. “Can I meet your man before you marry him? Is it going to be traditional and he’ll not be allowed to see you?”

Mellia says, “I doubt that it will be that traditional. Venlar has seen quite a bit of me already. Of course you can meet him. I might have to send you a message. Those darn seamstresses want me for more dress stuff every time I turn around.”

“Oh, it’s better when they know you but they are not allowed,” Erna opines. “Then they get eager. Orlanthi, if he’s noble? He’ll know what he’s missing. But it’s bad luck if he actually manages to carry you away, even if he has to try.”

“Venlar already carried me off from a party last year. He is already eager. Yes, he’s Orlanthi.”

Erna puts her hand to her chest in surprise. “He what? Was I asleep that I didn’t find out?”

“Yes. He’d been Orlanth for a Storm Bull minor quest when he felt empty. So he came to the party I was at, got past everyone and used the god’s power to fly to carry me off. I think Orlanth has blessed us.”

“I think so too,” Erna tells Mellia. “Does he have any brothers?”

Mellia grins. “He’s got an older brother and a triplet. Jengarl, the older brother, probably won’t be able to come.”

“A triplet? Magic?” Erna settles a couple of flowers back into their places after a wind flutters by.

“I am not sure. All three had weak ties to Life. They got better after my friend Berra slew a demon in single combat.”

There is a little shudder from Erna. “Slaying sounds horrible.”

“I was worried sick, but it was the only way.”

“Was the demon hurt?” Erna is highly devoted to Chalana Arroy, after all.

“I think the demon still exists, somewhere. Berra is a Humakti, though.”

“Well, if she has no other way of dealing with such things…” Erna still looks uncomfortable.

“The demon didn’t want us to return some objects to their owner. Honestly, we tried talking first.”

“Good.” Erna is definitely relieved. “I hate to think… well, it is done now, isn’t it? And you said it might still exist anyway.”

Mellia nods. “That entire affair was a mess. I got hit during a quest . I met Venlar, though. I think that was the best thing to come out of that.”

“Let us have breakfast together, in the next few days?” Erna suggests. “You need to get your letter read.”

“Let’s do that. Do you want to come to the house, or should I come here?”

“I’ll come to the house, if you let me know which day. Maybe I’ll see him. Or his triplet.”

Mellia promises, “I will have you over once Venlar gets here.”

Erna glows with the force of her smile. “I must go. So many babies, and some of the mothers haven’t had the blessings they needed, so they still need help.”

Mellia nods, smiles and says, “White Lady bless you and them.”

Mellia will go home by way of a jeweller. She wants to be able to wear the harmony charm the High Healer gave her.

Also Mellia will get someone at home to read the letter to her.

It takes longer to choose the brooch fitting than it does to bend it into shape; the jeweller is quick and does it, as she says, for the price of silver.

Mellia will try to pay for the work herself.

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