In Nochet II

Mellia — In Nochet Ii

1627, Sea Season


Late Sea Season [[[s02:session-40|Session 40]]]


When Mellia sends to find out, Dormal is not easily found, but eventually a servant admits that he is often believed to be at his estate – this said with distaste. The servant is offended that someone like him even has an estate – but there is also an undercurrent of… not quite fear. Caution.1Mellia passes insight.

Mellia makes the decision to visit – no warning, just turning up in white robes.

She is shown in to the current building there – she can see the foundations for a new house or extension being dug behind it as she approaches.

Refreshments are brought and a short while later Dormal enters the reception room where Mellia has been made welcome.

“Cousin Mellia. Greetings. I am pleased to see you safely returned.” This using a high register of speech – formal and polite.

Mellia gets up when Dormal enters. “Cousin Dormal! It is good to see you. Thank you. Why so formal?”

“Practice. It smooths the way with people who would otherwise have me beaten and thrown out of their house for having the temerity to exist.”

Mellia chuckles. “I hope there are not many such. I hope you are doing well?”

Dormal gestures to the estate. “Quite well, as you see. I am told the harvests were decent and the new house is coming along. And Grandmother in her wisdom continues to find me useful.”

Mellia smiles. “I am glad.”

“But what of you – have the negotiations finally been concluded?” he asks.

“Yes. I am here to get married. Will you come to the wedding?”

“I would be more than happy to. But are you sure it would be politic to have me there? It will offend some people. Or give them an excuse to be offended.”

Mellia snaps, “You are my dear cousin and a Lightbringer. They can suffer. Besides, I think Berra won’t be coming.”

“I offered to remain distant only to spare you trouble. I do not doubt your loyalty to your family.” A beat, then, “She won’t? I didn’t think she left Varanis’ side these days. Have they not returned from Prax yet?”

Mellia replies, “Berra has important business to be about. They’ve been back to Sartar, then north, then back and now they are off again.”

“North?“ Dormal darts a glance to one side. “Isn’t that Lunar territory?”

Mellia sighs. “Not entirely. Speaking of Lunars, I met a man on the way who had been tortured into taking a new god.”

“That is… who did this thing?”

“The Lunars. I hope his kinsmen didn’t kill him on sight. Danaril is, or was, Blue Tree.”

Dormal says, “Mh. I would not return to Blue Tree if I were in his position. It only takes one person to decide the world would be better off without you.”

“It’s all that kept him going. Cousin Irillo took him at least most of the way to Blue Tree. I hope Irillo talked everyone into sparing Danaril, but Irillo wanted to go to Alda-Chur,” she replies.

“If he doesn’t have someone powerful shielding him… someone will decide to end him. I know that’s not what you want to hear. But it seems, ironically, to be my role to give people hard truths,” Dormal tells her. “One of Eurmal’s better jokes.”

Mellia looks sad. “Then I hope he got to see his home first. By the way, Xenofos is doing better these days.”

“The family will be glad to hear that.” Dormal’s carefully controlled emotions suggest that he doesn’t like Xenofos.2Mellia passes insight again.

Mellia replies, “I hope so. There’s not much more news. Yamia is pregnant and so probably won’t come to the wedding.”

Dormal raises an eyebrow. “I… how does that work with Humakti in Sartar. They have this thing there about having to know who the father is, I understand. Perverse.”

Mellia says, “It’s true. She refused to name the father. Strange.”

“You’ve told Grandmother all this I assume.”

Mellia replies, “I will as soon as she sees me. I am sure Grandmother will seek you out afterwards.”

Dormal shrugs. “Perhaps. There are other things afoot and I am probably not the best placed person to venture into Sartar.”

“You are wise and clever.” Mellia smiles at him.

“Clever, possibly. Wise remains to be seen,” he prevaricates. “But your wedding. The preparations are in place. Will there be a second in Sartar? Is Kallyr still going to preside?”

“Who will preside here? Your mother? Grandmother?”

“The harvest in Sartar was so bad that we may postpone it. Tenebris said that if Kallyr doesn’t preside, he will.” She adds, “We are still hashing out who’s presiding here.”

“How bad was the harvest?”

Mellia sadly says, “Bad. Blue Tree will be eating turnips. Some places are worse off.”

“Hm. Are we sending aid?” He looks thoughtful. “And would they welcome it if we did?”

Mellia replies, “Varanis did. I have no idea what Grandmother will do. The Blue Tree are proud.”

Dormal pauses. “Ah, yes. Blue tree. I was thinking rather larger than that. This you should bring before Grandmother sooner rather than later. Someone might move before we do. The Queen will probably have an Opinion.”

“Hard to say how Sartar will react. I will definitely tell Grandmother as soon as I can,” she promises.

“Well… that’s something that can be managed. If the offer of aid is made in public and with the supplies already there, or on their way… they can hardly turn us away. Should that be necessary.” He asks, “Is Varanis in good standing there right now? We’ll have to balance things out so Leika doesn’t oppose us too much either.”

Mellia nods. “She still refuses to consider the throne, even though the Ring would like to replace Kallyr.”

Dormal says, “A shame, really, but little we can do about that.”

“I know.”

“I think we should send aid. If Kallyr stands, she should owe us. If she falls, whoever replaces her should be bound by public sentiment to us.”

Mellia smiles. “I will pass it on to Grandmother.”

Dormal gestures vaguely towards a door through which servants can be seen coming and going. “I am fairly sure she hears everything I say anyway.”

Mellia nods, then adds, “Only to save you the trip to Nochet, I am sure.”

“Probably about time I returned anyway. Stay for a meal and we will ride back together,” he suggests.

Mellia beams. “I will be glad to.”

Mellia seeks out Dormal at his estate.

  • 1
    Mellia passes insight.
  • 2
    Mellia passes insight again.