Best Laid Plans

Mellia — Plans

????, Fire Season, Season/Illusion Week


Fire Season/Illusion Week/Windsday/evening, Wilmskirk, the Praxian inn, in Irillo’s room. [[[s01:session-43|Session 43]]]


There’s a tapping at the door of Irillo’s room.

He pulls a robe around himself, and has a hand near his rapier, “Yes?”

Mellia calls through the door, “It’s Mellia. May I come in?”

He lets the sword go, “Come in!”

In comes Mellia. She’s wearing dry white robes. She gently shuts the door behind her. “Thank you, Irillo. Are you well? The weather’s been horrible.”

“Worried about Boldhome, but yes.”

Mellia nods. “May I ask for counsel?”

“Of course.” He gestures to the bed, the only seat in the room.

Mellia sits on the foot of the bed. “Thank you. It’s Silor. I want him to feel he’s done penance, but he can’t leave his lands long. I don’t know where to send him on pilgrimage. Do you have any ideas?”

“Well… he’s in South Sartar. The Great Hospital?”

“I considered that. He, or rather his children, need to go there anyway. Unless they go to the Paps. If you don’t think that’s too far, that’s what I will tell Silor. Thank you!”

“Well, it’s far but it’s fast, if you see what I mean.”

Mellia nods. “I knew you’d be able to help me. May I ask for counsel about something different, or are you tired?”

“I’m fine…. go on?”

“I want to plan how to approach wedding negotiations.” Mellia blushes.

“This is rapid! But I can certainly act as an aunt up here. They regard this as men’s business.”
A beat. “As long as I survive of course.”

Mellia looks worried. “Do you think there’s more to the quest, or do you think Eril’s going to kill us all?”

“There’s more to the quest. And it will be painful, I fear.”

Mellia is looking distressed. “How bad? Should I raid Xenofos’ stash of poppy seeds now?”

“Well yes…. anyway.”

Mellia nods and chuckles for a moment. “I may just hand that job to an expert.”


Mellia smiles for a minute. Then her smile fades. “I had hoped we were finished with the quest and could just return the relics to Eril.”

“Soon. It awaits us in Boldhome.”

Mellia quietly says, “I will do my best, Irillo.”

“Thank you. This has….. well… I sometimes miss my simple trading life before you and Vestra walked into the market!”

“Sometimes I miss just wandering and healing. I hope Kallyr is still alive, or Varanis is going to be up to her neck in politics.”

“Me too. Or alive again.”

“Surely Kallyr is alive. She’ll have had the best healers in Sartar with her.”

“I hope so! Well… apart from you!”

Mellia giggles and blushes. “I hope I don’t need to pull off a miracle when we get to Boldhome.”

“Me too. Goldentongue will protect me.”

“May He do so,” Mellia says soberly. “Wedding plotting, or sleep?”

“Sleep for now. Talk to me after Boldhome about weddings?”

“I will. Good night, thanks and sweet dreams, Irillo.”