Away With Venlar XV

Mellia — Away With Venlar Xv

1627, Sea Season, Death Week


Sea Season, Death Week, probably Waterday to Clayday. [[[s02:session-33|Session 33]]]


Mellia blushes. “I should go thank the Chief. The hunter’s back with us.”

“Can you walk?” He winces. “Do you want an arm?”

“Yes please,” Mellia replies.

He offers one, putting her on his right, which is odd given he is a warrior and a noble, and sword hands are for swords.

By the time she reaches the greathouse there are people gathered to watch her arrive. Some have put on their best clothes just for this.

Mellia blushes and says, “Thank you all for welcoming us back. I hope we’re not going to impose on you. The hunter’s alive and sleeping, by the White Lady’s grace.”

Dogva and the Ernaldan, Doa, fuss over her and call for songs to commemorate it. A lot of people look to Venlar.

“I can try,” he says…

There is an evening of festivities. The food is sufficient, and Mellia tastes several things she is sure were first made in the Cinder Fox kitchens, and possibly packed by Thenaya. For Venlar it is a taste of home. He does sing, but quickly gives over to someone else to perform the song he has composed, and comes to settle by Mellia instead.

Mellia snuggles with Venlar. The song embarrassed her a lot. She is happy, full and sleepy.

He carries her to bed, citing that he has the right by precedent, because he stole her once, and he would steal her again if it would not break his father’s word and his.

Mellia giggles and kisses Venlar. She does not mind being carried away.

Morning comes, and Venlar wants to have a lie-in, but says, “They will want to see you again…”

“We also need to get to Dangerford today if we can.”

“Yes. Without any more bodies, if possible.”

Mellia reluctantly gets dressed, nodding.

There is just room inside the little hanging room for her to do that while Venlar stays out of the way except for a surprise kiss. Then, once she is gone, he will be able to dress in privacy without falling over.

Outside, there is a man with an alynx waiting for her, talking with Yamia.1Yamia has been getting all of the news about North Sartar that the hunter can provide.

Mellia approaches the man and his alynx. “Good morning! Welcome back!”

He falls down on his knees, head bowed. “Mistress… Thank you! I can’t ever repay such kindness, but I…” He trails off, looking at her in amazement.

Mellia smiles at the hunter. “You can repay me. This is my clan. I am trying to build a temple and the harvest was poor.”

“Anything,” he says. “Eggs, if you don’t eat meat?”

Yamia steps away to let Mellia explain.

Mellia explains, “Most of the clan does eat meat. Sosa and Tathia will trade your kills to the rest of the clan.”

He bows, almost shaking. “I’ll speak of you everywhere I go,” he says, but he seems too much in awe to say anything more.

“Thank you. So will you support the shrine for a while?”

“For my life.” He gives another bow, his attempt at formality.

Mellia bows back. Then she tells the alynx, “Take good care of him.”

There is no answering yowl, but the pride in the eyes of the hunter says she has done the right thing.

Mellia is offered breakfast, and then Venlar is as well, once he emerges looking only slightly crumpled. His rough cloak is over one arm, and he lays it over his knee to balance the bowl on it, like other warriors here too, protecting their dyed clothes. He still stands out, tall and well dressed.

Yamia walks off with the hunter, although after a disagreement with the alynx she walks on the other side. Nobody gets killed.

The trip back out towards Dangerford is uneventful this time.

Mellia thanks the server and eats breakfast. Tathia and Sosa get a hug goodbye.

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    Yamia has been getting all of the news about North Sartar that the hunter can provide.