An Unexpected Breakfast

Mellia — An Unexpected Breakfast

????, Fire Season, Season/Illusion Week


1626 Fire Season/Illusion Week/Wildsday/early morning at the White Grape. [[[s01:session-44|Session 44]]]


Yelm is enthroned in the Sky by the time Rajar and Xenofos escort Varanis back to the White Grape. The Vingan removes her helmet as soon as the door closes behind them and her shield is set against the wall near the door. “This is ridiculous,” she grumbles. She spies Mellia at her breakfast and after a polite thank you to the Scholar and the Storm Bull, she goes to join her.

Mellia is taking the opportunity to eat properly and healthily. When she sees Varanis, she smiles and waves her over.

Varanis seats herself at the table and gives Rondrik a warm smile when he makes an appearance with a plate of food for her. “You’re a good man, Rondrik,” she says as she thanks him.

Mellia beams at Rondrik, then greets Varanis. “Good morning! How are you feeling today?”

“Good morning to you too, cousin. You seem to be in a very good mood. Does this mean your patients are healing well?” comes the reply.

“They are, although I am tempted to screech at the Emeritus High Sword. He’s overdoing it. Men!”

Varanis laughs. “No common sense.” It would appear that she has conveniently forgotten her own convalescence last season.

“None whatsoever,” Mellia agrees. “He seems to think Sartar will fall if he takes naps and heals properly.”

“To be fair to Lord Eril, there is a lot to be worried about right now.”

“So there is.” Mellia sighs. “How are you holding up? We all need to prepare ourselves for the coming quest, but your part is the hardest.”

“I’m doing what I can. Xenofos is helping me with my letters, I will be able to join tomorrow’s services at the Temple of Vinga.” She shrugs.

“That’s good. I don’t know whether to indulge in a new healer’s robe for the occasion, go heal the poor, or both. Of course, there are services tomorrow.”

“What feels right to you?”

“My robes are getting worn, except for my best robe, which I save for formal occasions. On the other hand, healing is always the right thing to do. Perhaps I could do both.”

Varanis smiles. “Both sounds good. But maybe don’t head to the poor areas of town in a new robe. And you might want a bath before you visit a tailor, if you’ve been healing the sick.”

“Perhaps I should find the tailors in the early afternoon, then go healing. It’ll give them more time to get the robe ready. If I am to be the Goddess, I should look nice.”

“When you go, for healing and for shopping, please be careful. I know your status as a healer should protect you, but…”

Mellia nods. “I think Queen Leika’s honor guard may be the biggest danger to me at this point. Markets are traditionally safe places, often warded. I can’t imagine my patients mugging me.”

“Did we not learn that Onjur was willing to do it? Besides, they don’t have to hurt you, just take you to use against me.” The Vingan looks very serious. “Or even just make sure that you are detained and unavailable for the quest.”

“I’m sure someone could take the part of Chalana Arroy, but I see your point. I will try to be careful.”