A Strange Prayer

Mellia — Strange Prayer

????, Earth Season, Season/Harmony Week


1626 Earth Season/Harmony Week/Waterday/before dawn, towards the end of [[[varanis:1626-0771-sword-dancer |Sword Dancer Falls]]] . [[[s02:session-3|Session 3]]]


Humakt, honored adversary, we need to talk.

I know this is a strange request, but I have healed enough of Your people that I think You will listen.

Yamia says she cannot feel You. I don’t believe You have abandoned her. She certainly hasn’t abandoned You.

What is wrong? Did something get cut away from Yamia when You were betrayed to Ikadz? Did the demon’s death do this?

For once, I am asking for Your help. My Lady has little magic for wounded minds and spirits. Help me to help Yamia. I don’t know what to do.

I know this is strange, but I think Yamia will send herself to Your halls if something doesn’t change very soon.

Well, I tried. It’s up to You and Your fellow gods now.