Romancing The Duck

Finarvi — Romancing The Duck



Somewhere in the Grazelands.


Once upon a time, Serala and Finarvi had a contest to find out which of them was the better archer.

They set up targets and shot arrows at them, but they were evenly matched.

Then they hunted prairie hares, but neither of them missed their quarry.

Finally, they went to the river to hunt waterfowl. A flock of mallards rose into flight at the sight of the two Grazelander youths.

Serala and Finarvi both stretched their bows and loosed arrows at the flying birds.

Serala was quick and judged her draw perfectly. Her quarry fell with a puff of feathers and landed in the reeds near the riverbank.

Finarvi left a little too much power in his draw. His arrow, perfect for hunting hares, passed through the body of the duck, which tumbled out of the sky and hit the stony ground.

When they went to collect their birds, Finarvi gave a cry of dismay and disgust. “Oh no, guts!”

Serala picked up the dead bird and chuckled at her cousin.
“Dear boy. That’s not his intestine.”

And that’s why Finarvi has never romanced a Duck.