Mischief Maker

Finarvi — Mischief Maker

????, Fire Season


Fire Season, Sometime after Varanis, Serala, and Finarvi head to Rhigos before Yelm’s rise. [[[s01:session-34|After Session 34]]]


“Serala? Finarvi says I should give this to you to lick.” She holds something out towards Serala. He says it’s a Grazelander tradition.” Her expression is a mixture of innocence and mischief.

Serala peers suspiciously. “You forget, perhaps, I grew up with Finarvi.” Oddly, she’s not reaching out for whatever the Vingan is holding…

It’s a dried toad.

“Finarvi? Why do you look like you are about to ride away?”

Serala heaves a deep sigh.

“Not very stealthy, Varanis!” Finarvi’s voice grows fainter as he gallops away.

Varanis tries to look innocent, but can’t stop grinning. She stares after Finarvi. “Well… this is awkward.”

Serala just laughs and laughs. “Oh, Varanis. Finarvi is my cousin and my heart-sib. But don’t ever make the mistake of thinking there’s not a wide river of mischief flowing in that one.”

The Grazelander rides back around “She said you asked for an ‘enhancer’ and I didn’t ask questions.” rides off again without slowing

Varanis’ jaw drops. “I did not!” she shouts indignantly.

Faintly, due to distance, he calls out, “Right, you called it something else. ‘Afro-dizzy-yak’ wasn’t it? How’s my Esrolian?”